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Careers in IT

With the proliferation of smartphones, innovative apps, sophisticated software, and novel devices, the significance of Information Technology or IT professionals has increased. Design, development, software engineering, and hardware development, and trouble shooting are some of the fields where qualified and experienced individuals are earning good money. Frank Johnson looks into the different career options and their scope in IT.

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Organizing Your Files

The number of files stored on your computer keeps increasing every day and it often seems to be a daunting task to arrange and synchronize them properly on the system. However, the virtually unlimited space on a computer can be used to store and maintain important files. Frank Johnson gives some useful tips on the organization of files.

It can be very difficult and time consuming to find information on an unorganized computer and any computer cluttered with unnecessary files and spam or irrelevant email messages also becomes sluggish. For all those who have not organized their computer of late and it runs slower than expectations, here are a few important things that should be taken care of:

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Rugged Handheld Computer with HF RFID Reader

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Inc. ( has launched this handheld computer with HF RFID reader  which is packed with rich features including 128MB SRAM, 128MB internal FLASH as well as a user accessible SD card slot for additional mass storage. It uses Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 5.0 operating system and a Marvell PXA270 processor operating at 520MHz. It is equipped with either a 26-key or a 41-key alpha-numeric keypad, which may further be optionally tailored to a specific application. [Read More...]

M-Tech Enterprises, A Real Lemons Out of Lemonade Story

After getting frustrated out of the lemons his problems gave him, David Miller made his own corporate lemonade. Due to the frustration of always having to call technical support to solve his own frequent hardware problems, he started taking the initiative to educate himself. He used Google, combining internet savvy with his own technological passion and formidable intellect. He remembered all the redundant conversations with the technical support staff, he also gained additional skills and knowledge and as he put the practical knowledge he gained to use.

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Creating a good network citizenship document

I.T. professionals understand things like network security, bandwidth, and the chain of support that results from a good help desk system. But what about your average employee? The average employee often lacks basic skills in good network citizenship. This articles describes how to write a good network citizenship document to bridge that gap.

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Add a Profitable Revenue Stream to your IT Business

Learn why Remote Data Backups is the most essential partnership for IT consultants, computer repair techs, MSPs, VARs, networking, security and business consultants, and more. We make it easy to earn lucrative recurring income and protect your business clients from costly data loss and downtime.

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Ways to manage USB prudently

One of the major cause of computer issue is storage. USB stick can store large volume to carry it anywhere you want. Using it prudently Have you ever wondered how system and methods fail to fulfill the required needs? We need to find a solution to the interruptions in a multi-processer computer.

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Ways To Hide Files On Your Computers

At some point in time, perhaps on your family computer, or your own computer, you will develop, collect, and store some important personal files on your hard drive that are strictly for your needs and purposes.

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