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How to Recognize Cyber Fraud

Fraud is a crime in which the criminal deliberately gives someone false information. This is done in the hopes of inducing the person to give him or her money or valuables. In cyber fraud the Internet or a mobile phone is used to accomplish the goal.

There are many variations of cyber fraud.  Three of the most common variants use online auctions, classified ads, and what calls the Grandparent Scam.

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Ritech’s Launch Of New Fingerprint Encrypted USB ‘Singature Lite’

HAAKSBERGEN, NETHERLANDS, December 19, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — IT administrators and computer users have a propensity to be apathetic on the rampant theft of information and identities sequentially for companies to start adopting strong cultures of cyber security against 2 general forms of unauthorized access by intruders. 1. Unauthorized [Read More...]

Encryption: Securing your reputation

A company has a responsibility to protect the information in its IT systems, particularly the data regarding staff and clients. For years now there has been a simple and effective way to restrict access: encryption.

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Invasion of the CPU Snatchers. Watch out!

We interrupt your surfing to bring you an important message. Close your firewall ports! Update your antivirus! Train your end-users! Although the title of this installment of my series on the Top Ten Cyber Menaces for 2008 may seem humorous, this is a very serious cyber security issue.  As I stated in Part 1 of this series, my goal is to raise awareness and to focus on the business impact of the CMW (Cyberspace Most Wanted) threats.

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Saving Your Business from the Cyber Security Hazards of 2008.

The SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute recently debuted their top ten cyber security menaces for 2008. Twelve established white-hat veterans of security poured their knowledge and time into compiling this top ten list, which I will refer to as the CMW “Cyberspace Most Wanted”. I will provide a series of articles, each focusing on one of the hazards on the CMW. I will explain what they are and advise of practical solutions how to mitigate these risks in your small and medium business enterprise (SME). I will also focus on the business issues rather that the technical attributes of the technologies to mitigate these threats.

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