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Centralizing Your Business Data

Consolidating information in a centralized database helps a business to maintain interoperability between present and future applications. It reduces information management costs for duplication and provides access to more complete information and enhancing overall efficiency of the organization. Frank Johnson delves deeper into the concept of centralizing business data.

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Analyzing ‘SYSTEM’ hive corruption in Windows 2000 and tips to perform Windows data recovery

Windows Registry resembles a relational centralized database that comprises configuration settings for operating system components and the applications that run on the Windows platform. It consists of two primary elements, keys and values. It also consists of logical sections called hives. The 'System' hive stores system settings. This file may easily get corrupt and make your system unbootable. As a consequence, you lose all the data stored in the system. To overcome the problem, you need to go for Windows recovery through a reliable third-party utility.
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Data Recovery Windows Software Has Become Easier to Use Now

Mumbai, India, May 17th, 2011 – Recover Data’s software products are very simple and handy to use. The developers, engaged in the labs of Recover Data Tools, keep on enhancing the existing solutions, and from time-to-time, make beneficial advancements in the tools. They try making the solutions from intricate to simple, from simple to simpler, and always strive hard to achieve the aim of making simpler solutions, the simplest.
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Recover files from IDE Hard Drive recover,IDE hard drive Data Recovery

WHat is IDE hard drive? The IDE's full name in English as "Integrated Drive Electronics" as"electronic integrated driv" , is now widely used on the external interface, add hard drives and optical drives. Using 16-bit data parallel transfer mode, the volume is small, fast data transfer. One IDE interface can only received two external device. which purported to mean "the hard disk controller" and the "up" integrated with the hard drive. Integrated Device Electronics. It is the most widely-used hard drive interface on the market. The fancy name refers to how the IDE technology "integrates" the electronics controller into the drive itself.

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Stellar Phoenix MSSQL Database Recovery 3.0

Gurgaon, Haryana, 24 June 2010, ( Stellar Information Systems Limited, the industry leader in providing quality and affordable data recovery software and services, today announced the launch of Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery v3.0 – the latest version of MS SQL database repair tool. The upgrade launch of the SQL database repair [Read More...]

Some Tips to prevent data loss from your computer

How often have we suffered data loss from our computer system because of various reasons. This situation affects all of us, whether you are a single user or working in a large organization. It is true that an organization would be willing to spend anything for the data recovery of the valuable data. However, it is always better to prepare yourself from such situations than to repent later. Having said that if you happen to lose data that seems difficult to recover then you should use a third-party data recovery software to recover lost data.

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NTFS Transaction Logging and Partition Recovery

( NTFS (New Technology File System) implements transaction logging to ensure Partition Recovery in several cases of system crash due to power failure and other such events. An NTFS formatted partition undergoes three passes of recovery, which are named as 'analysis pass', 'redo pass', and 'undo pass'. While its first pass (the 'analysis pass'), NTFS assesses the corruption in partition. It also examines the clusters required to be updated by using a transaction log file stored in its MFT (Master File Table).

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What is Online Backup Without Customer Support? Not much.

Consider the following scenario: It's after ten p.m. You've stayed at work late to finish up a big presentation that could mean big things for your business. You make a few final edits, hit save, and head home for a few hours of sleep. In the morning you come in energized and ready to give a killer presentation, but when you step off the [Read More...]
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