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Green energy companies & micro-CHP

This section report focuses on specific companies that have developed, or are developing, low-carbon products and services for consumers - primarily for use in the home. Specifically, it considers opportunities for micro-generation, hydrogen fuel cells and green energy companies. It also tested consumer reaction, in Canada, England and the USA, to a description of a micro-CHP boiler, based on the Ceres Power prototype, shown below: ( ) [Read More...]

Top 20 Asia Retailers – Company Benchmarking Analysis

The Asia Top 20 Retailers - Company Benchmarking Analysis
The Asia Top 20 Retailers report compares the financial and operational strengths of the Asian top 20 retailers. The benchmarking is based on key parameters and ratios that explain where a particular company stands against its peers. ( ) [Read More...]

Feasibility Analysis of China New Wind turbine Gearbox Projects

HTML clipboard2010-2014 Deep Research Report on China Wind Turbine Gearbox Industry
2010-2014 Deep Research Report on China Wind Turbine Gearbox Industry was professional and depth research report on China wind turbine gearbox industry. This report has firstly introduced wind turbine gearbox definition classification industry chain etc relation information. ( ) [Read More...]

Building Integrated Photovoltaics, key benifits to the customers

Building Integrated Photovoltaics: Opportunities 2010
 Innovative Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) products and solutions provide a strategy for the PV industry to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace. By comparison with standard PV products, BIPV products provide two key benefits to customers: improved aesthetics and cost benefits when the total cost of a building is taken into consideration. From the manufacturers perspective they also add the ability to strongly distinguish their products in a marketplace in which solar panels are rapidly becoming commodities imported from low-cost manufacturing plants.( )
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New Product Launches in the Indian Haircare Market

Product Insights: Haircare in India
 This report forms a part of the newly introduced product series titled ""Product Insights"". It aims to provide analysis to clients on the new product launches across various industry sectors ( )
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Chinese Car Navigation Market Environment

China Car Navigation Industry Report, 2010
 The rapid development of Chinese automotive market has sped up the evolution of automotive navigation in China in recent years. It is expected that the car navigation market size of China will reach nearly 5.7 million sets in 2010. ( )
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Mobile Handsets and its Applications

Mobile Handsets and Applications September 2010
 The Mobile Handsets and Application report focuses on recent news and events in the Mobile Handset market. The Newsletter brings you stories on the major players and devices in the Cellular Handset industry. We will monitor the trends in the Smartphone market; examine new technology trends and their impact on the marketplace. ( )
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Focus on Development of North American Thermal Power Maintenance Market

HTML clipboardNorth America Thermal Power Maintenance Market - Market Size, Key Trends, Challenges, and Competitive Analysis
 The report gives us clear understanding of the North America thermal power maintenance services market. It provides deep understanding of key drivers impacting the market, key restraints in the market and key challenges for the services market. [Read More...]

A comprehensive analysis of the airborne ISR market

HTML clipboardThe Airborne ISR Market 2010-2020
 Airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) is key to military operations and armed forces worldwide have placed great emphasis on this capability. This new defence report examines recent trends and forecasts future possibilities in this steadily growing and critically important defence sector. As such, countries are expected to continue making airborne ISR a priority. Based on research, global spending on airborne ISR amounted to about $17.7bn in 2009. ( )
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Advanced Emerging Markets Software Industry outlook

Software: Advanced Emerging Markets (Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Taiwan) Industry Guide is an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the Software industry in Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, and Taiwan. The report includes easily comparable data on market value, volume, segmentation and market share for the advanced emerging markets software markets, plus full five-year market forecasts. It examines future problems, innovations and potential growth areas within the market. ( )

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Opportunities and Threats in Central and Eastern European Banking Strategic Focus

Before the financial crisis, the retail banking market in Central and Eastern Europe had been undergoing a rapid transformation, as banks developed new products, services and channels. The sudden upheaval in the markets has shifted their priorities, and this will modify both short-term and long-term IT strategies and IT investment priorities. ( )
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Wind Energy is the fastest growing renewable energy sector in India

Wind Energy Markets in India India is likely to generate almost five times more wind energy capacity than the government’s estimate by 2030 i.e. total installed capacity will reach 142 GW by 2030, which would produce 341 TWh of electricity and satisfy 12.6 - 14.2% of India’s demand. There would be considerable impact on annual investment (Rs336 billion) and employment (142,000 jobs); and 323 million tons of CO2 could be saved every year. [Read More...]

Increasing healthcare infrastructure to fuel growth in the medical device market

Medical Devices Market in India 2010 The industry is one of the most unregulated segments of the healthcare sector in India and with large scale imports. However, with growing interests of the government, associations and players, the market is growing and India is becoming a hub for manufacturing high-end medical devices. The industry shows great potential in terms of the increasing privatization in healthcare and rapid expansion in hospital infrastructure. [Read More...]

Future outlook and major players in the Indian Hologram Market

The hologram market in India ,currently estimated at Rs4.5 billion , is projected to grow at 15% CAGR for the next 5 years, driven by the increasing need for enhanced security and protection of consumers from counterfeit products. ( )
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European Car Aftermarket Dynamics

Car Aftermarket in Europe 2010 - Overview
The European Aftermarket Overview quantifies the value and volume of key aftermarket product groups and distribution channels. Geographic coverage includes 28 European markets segmented into 4 regions Top 7 markets, Other Western European Countries, Eastern European Countries and Expanded Europe. ( )
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