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Top Ten Tips for MS PowerPoint Users

Presentations made with Microsoft PowerPoint and other applications are a great way to support speeches, explain business concepts, demonstrate the uses of products or simply to focus on a subject. But slides with too much text or bad graphics can distract or even irk your audience. Frank Johnson has ten tips that can help to create really effective PowerPoint presentations.

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My First Contact with ZWCAD – Convenient In-place MTEXT Editor

Nowadays, touch screen technology is widely applied to all kinds of devices, such as handheld Internet tablets, mobile phones, and car navigation systems. But have you ever drafted on computer using your fingertips? Recently, I discovered a video on YouTube showing how the ZWCAD (TM) CAD system responded to touch controls; in response to someone’s fingers, it zoomed in and out, panned across the screen, made copies, and so on. You can see the video for yourself at
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Full-Featured RFID Reader/Writer Has a User-Friendly Sleek Design

Toronto, Canada  - GAO RFID Inc. ( recommends its technologically advanced handheld RFID reader/writer, a high performance read/write device with a user-friendly sleek design. It is useful in such applications as stock breeding, animal control or foodstuff tracking systems. This handheld RFID reader is ideally suited to track and identify animals embedded with RFID chips.
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Winners of ZWCAD Design Contest 2010 to Get Free ZWCAD & iPod

GUANGZHOU, China ( Computeruser ) Jan. 27, 2010 -Aimed at helping CAD fans free their imagination and release their talents, ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd., celebrates the release of ZWCAD(TM) 2010 by launching the second annual design contest from January 12 to April 25, 2010. The leading supplier of CAD platforms with the fastest ZWCAD ever is giving out Free ZWCAD & iPod!
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Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys

Inquire about your growth and if you ever decide to hire an in-house developer, will there be a problem? (This question usually shakes people up a bit, but what you are looking at is a developer who is afraid to share. This should give you a bit of a red flag.)

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