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Step Into The World Of A Live Dictionary

August 17, 2010 – Language helps us communicate and get our message across. The more well versed we are with our language the better we can communicate. A dictionary plays an important part in helping us improve upon our language, and constantly polish it to achieve finesse. Dictionary 3.0 fulfills this purpose very efficiently. Dictionary 3.0 is a live dictionary which goes beyond the traditional meaning of the word.
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CLS Communication releases multilingual World Cup dictionary

June 9 2010 - (Zuerich, Switzerland) CLS Communication, one of the premier language specialists in Europe with a strong global presence, is providing free access to its World Cup football dictionary. The dictionary translates commonly used football terms into five languages, easing multilingual communication about the sometimes complex systems and regulations of the beautiful game.
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File Types

Large computer file extension library with detailed explanation of each type To view file extension library Click here Listing by Characters . | A | B | D | L | M Word Definition .AU A sound file format used on Sun Microsystems or other UNIX computers .EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile (filename extension). .CGI Common Gateway Interface (filename [Read More...]


What is an emoticon? Well, if you’re a chatter or a texter, chances are you’ve seen ’em. An emoticon is a textual representation of the writer’s mood through facial expression. Since we can’t see all important visual clues when chatting or texting, writers often punctuate their message with emoticons to clue the [Read More...]
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