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Securing Your Wireless Router and Bluetooth

Wi-fi, wireless networks and Bluetooth technologies are used by several organizations today. Computer users interested in convenience and mobility prefer to access the Internet and transfer data between devices wirelessly. However, to prevent unauthorized access by others in such a network, it is important for business organizations to secure [Read More...]

iPhone Encryption

A lost iPhone is a bigger problem than previously thought. Despite encryption the finder can gain easy access to data including photos and audio recordings, even if the owner has set up their iPhone to require a pass code. And, of all things, this is made possible with Linux – the very operating system which Apple regularly cold-shoulders.

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How to develop an enterprise encryption strategy

Here’s a sobering prediction: One-third of all adults in the United States will have their personal identity information compromised or lost this year by a company that electronically stores the data, according to figures supported by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Whether or not that number is perfectly accurate, the list of publicly known data breaches is staggering nonetheless.

Who is to blame? Hackers and careless employees, to be sure. But increasingly, culpability also falls squarely on companies that fail to encrypt confidential data. Ultimately it is the company that must shoulder the burden of far-reaching consequences. Failing to protect confidential data is not only a threat to customers and damaging to corporate reputation -- in some cases it’s illegal. Sixteen of the 20 existing U.S. state privacy laws require encryption to protect confidential consumer data, according to Warren Smith, vice president of marketing at GuardianEdge Technologies, whose products were recently purchased by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Why we need usb encryption?

USB flash drives are great because they are really cheap and you can conveniently move data between computers. The only problem is when you store sensitive data on a USB drive and it gets lost or stolen!

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