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Multi-function Ethernet Analyzer

Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( has released its portable 10/100/1000m Ethernet analyzer which tests data rates and performance metrics including throughput, latency, frame loss and back-to-back frames. It is an ideal tool for analyzing and troubleshooting Ethernet networks during the processes of construction or maintenance.
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DCombus Iris Modems Optimizing Ethernet over Copper

August 18 2010 - Design Combus Oy (DCombus) has released availability for a new Ethernet over copper product family utilizing EFM technology. EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile, IEEE 802.3ah) protocol set of specs are developed for optimizing access networks for Ethernet services. End-to-end Ethernet services are important both for service providers and subscribers since it’s used for main transport backbone and defining the service quality at the end user.
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IEEE802.3 Compliant Ethernet Media Converter

Toronto, Canada – GAO Fiber Optics ( is offering its IEEE802.3 compliant Ethernet media converter  which connects fiber cable to twisted cable smoothly without disrupting any network operations. The converter converts data signals between 10/100Base-Tx and 100Base-Fx fast Ethernet. It can be used as a standalone unit or a slide-in module in a converter rack or in a central wiring closet. The data signals converted by the high performance media converter can be transmitted over a long distance.
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10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Fiber Converter Series

Toronto, Canada – GAO Fiber Optics ( recommends its adaptive fast Ethernet fiber converters used in 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet long-distance transmission network. These converters are designed for optical-to-electrical medium conversion. The fiber converter series conducts flow control, reduces broadcast packets and provides convenient network upgrading.
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Portable Gigabit Ethernet Tester with Cable VCT

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( recommends its portable gigabit Ethernet tester for 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet installation and maintenance. This tester has functions for network testing, data packet capture, traffic generation, cable testing and BER testing for network layer 1, 2 and 3. It allows front-line field workers to analyze network quality and rapidly locate faults.
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ORing Thunder Series Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switches

ORing’s Thunder series are full gigabit managed Ethernet switches, including Thunder Rail (din-rail) series, Thunder Rack (rack-mount) series and Thunder PoE series. These powerful industrial-grade managed Ethernet switches are designed to meet the critical demands for industry applications, such as factory automation, building surveillance, transportation system surveillance.
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Gigabit Ethernet Media SFP Converter

Toronto, Canada – GAO Fiber Optics ( is offering its Gigabit Ethernet media converter intended to convert 1000Base-T signals to 1000Base-X fiber signals and vice-versa. It extends the connection distance between two Gigabit Ethernet devices via fiber cable transparently without performance degradation. The converter is ideally suited for use with any equipment compliant with Ethernet standards such as switches and routers.
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Handheld Gigabit Ethernet Tester

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( has rolled out a handheld Gigabit Ethernet tester that complies with IEEE 802.3, RFC1242 and RFC2544 standards and used for the installation and maintenance of 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet networks. The tester performs data packet capture,traffic generation, cable testing, BER testing and RFC-2544 benchmark testing.It is an ideal tool for field worker to analyze networks and locate faults rapidly and accurately.
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Adaptive Ethernet Fiber Converter Supports Two Transmission Modes

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( recommends its adaptive Ethernet fiber converter which is designed for long-distance transmission networks of 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet. Using switching technology and storing and forwarding technology, the converter carries out mutual conversion between 10Base-T/100Base-TX pair electrical signals and 100Base-FX optical signals.
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Fiber Optic Ethernet Media Converter with Remote Diagnostic Capability

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( has announced the release of its fiber optic Ethernet media converter  with built-in remote diagnostic capability. This converter can be used as a standalone unit or a slide-in module to a 19-inch converter rack or a central wiring closet. This media converter is designed to convert data signals between 10/100 Base-Tx and 100 Base-Fx fast Ethernet; it also extends the transmission distance limited by copper wire. It is compliant with the international network IEEE 802.3u standard.
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Ethernet Bridge Docks with DTE Devices

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( has launched its long distance Ethernet Bridge supporting VLAN transfer and 10/100M half and full duplex modes. It transfers data point-to-point from V.35 channels to RJ-45 interfaces. It also can dock with DTE devices. This high performance Ethernet Bridge, model RB-V35, can be used as an extension or a divider in LANs with bit rate base structures. It works in environments without corrosive and solvent gas, dust or strong magnetic field interference. The full-featured Ethernet Bridge provides two selectable time modes: Line clock and INT clock. It features rate conversion and slot extraction functions - extract appointed slot from G.703 E1 to form a V.35 channel.
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Long Distance Ethernet Bridge

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( recommends its RB-10M Ethernet Bridge designed for broadband Ethernet access. It complies with IEEE 802.3 protocol and is widely used for point-to-point data transfer from E1 channels to RJ-45 interfaces.This Ethernet bridge extends the Ethernet transmission distance and the scope of application while minimizing investment by using existing E1 circuit resources within the telecommunication network.
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Edge-Core Extends Its IPv6 Product Range with IPv6-Ready Phase-2 Logo Certification for Its New L3 Fast Ethernet Switch

Hsinchu, Taiwan, November 30, 2009 --( Edge-Core, the professional End-to-End network solution provider, announces that its new L3 Fast Ethernet Switch, ES3628BT, has meet all compliance and interoperability requirements from the IPv6 Forum and received IPv6-Ready Core Phase-2 Logo Certification. The expansion of its IPv6-enabled products represents Edge-Core's commitment to protect future investment for its customers around the world. IPv6, the next generation of Internet… [Read More...]

euNetworks Connects to NASDAQ OMX Europe to Extend Ultra-Low Latency Trading Platform

London, United Kingdom, November 26, 2009 --( euNetworks Group Limited (SGX: H23.SI), Europe’s foremost provider of mission-critical, high-performance networking solutions, has announced the availability of their high performance Ethernet based solution, euTrade, to customers at NASDAQ OMX Europe (NEURO). The addition of the euTrade solution, which offers ultra-low latency and high availability connectivity to Europe’s financial community, will provide NEURO customers… [Read More...]
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