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Move from PBX to VoIP

Companies can reduce IT costs by getting voice and data delivered on the same line through VoIP. While the PBX system is just a phone, VoIP based technology works with the data network, coordinating devices and helping workers on the move to access data and communicate from anywhere. Frank Johnson discusses all the point that you need to take care of, before you make the move.

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New Android unified messaging application for Popfax customers, the leading European provider of Internet fax services has developed a new Android application called Popcompanion mobile that turns a mobile device into a pocket fax machine. All Popfax features and faxing options are integrated into the new mobile application. POPFAX is offering its customers instant access, wherever they are and whenever they need it, to faxes, SMSs, and voice messages, directly from their smart phones.
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T.38 Fax Relay over IP Software

Toronto, Canada - GAO Research Inc.( has released its enhanced T.38 fax relay softwarewhich is fully compliant with ITU-T T.38 fax relay specification while supporting V.34, V.17, V.29, V.27ter, and V.21ch2 standards. This T.38 fax relay software solution can operate within a multi-tasking environment and is optimized for fixed-point arithmetic. It operates on commonly used processors such as TI C5000 & C6000 series DSPs, ARM processors and ADI DSPs and under many OSs available in the market.
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