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SEO Partnership – The first of its kind Offer by an SEO Company (Free)

W3whiz is offering a very unique form of partnership, designed for both professional Bloggers and the aspiring writers who are looking for a chance to hit it big. The deal goes like this, w3whiz will take on the expenditures and marketing departments, all their partner has to do is to write for the Blog. Even when the company (w3whiz) will be paying for all costs and looking after the entire marketing campaign, earnings from the Google Adsense will be split 50/50 between w3whiz and Bloggers. In addition to that, writer’s complete credentials will be posted on the website declaring him/her as the author and the content will not be used at any other venture of w3whiz. The veteran writers at w3whiz will also guide the novice writers on what kind of topics to go for, how to improve their writing style and how to make readers to interact with the author, which means, it will be a great learning experience for the beginners, at absolutely no costs involved. [Read More...]

A Smart Way To Study Photography

New Bright Apples has a lot to offer. Its network is enabled to provide services like photo uploading, chat, photo news, critiques and free lessons on photography. New Bright Apples also provide a free online course on photography. This is called photography 101 course. This allows students to study photography  in a virtual classroom. This classroom has lessons, assignments as well as quizzes for students. Not only budding but seasoned photographers can also avail this free online course. Latest news on photography is available on the front page of the company’s web site. Queries that arise during the 101 course are answered by a professional staff. Apart from this free course, there are other online courses too. They are not only easy but very much affordable too.
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Mac Downloads4

  Mac Downloads Back to Downloads | PC Downloads | Mac Downloads | Games     StuffIt Installer Maker is the benchmark installation product used by developers and network administrators on the Macintosh.   StuffIt Lite- Shareware Easy-to-use compression for Macintosh System 6.0 users.   SurfDoubler – Demo. a home networking product [Read More...]

Mac Downloads3

  Mac Downloads Back to Downloads | PC Downloads | Mac Downloads | Games     MacHeadlines – Shareware Scrolling desktop ticker with Sports, Stock Market, News.   MacPerl 5.2.0r4 – Freeware. the Mac version of the Perl scripting/programming cult.   MacQibla – Shareware. Calculates the proper times of Islamic prayers for [Read More...]

Mac Downloads2

  Mac Downloads Back to Downloads | PC Downloads | Mac Downloads | Games       FileMaker – Demo. Popular easy-to-use yet powerful database program, now has a Web server and more.     FinderPop by Turlough O’Connor– Pintware. A control panel which extends the Mac OS 8.x Finder’s contextual menus. A “Best [Read More...]

Mac Downloads1

  Mac Downloads Back to Downloads | PC Downloads | Mac Downloads | Games     Smaller GIF – Shareware. an animation compressor that doesn’t affect appearance. If you needto reduce the size of animated.GIF’ rel=”prettyPhoto”>   Acrobat Reader – Freeware. The standard for portable document format.   Adobe [Read More...]


  PC Downloads Back to Downloads | PC Downloads | Mac Downloads | Games     URLSentry – Shareware. URLSentry is a Windows shareware application that monitors changes in any Web pages of interest to you   UCALC – Shareware. A multi-purpose math program which includes an expression evaluator,equation solver, integrator, 2D/3D [Read More...]
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