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ITU-T G.723.1 Compliant Vocoder Now Available

Toronto, Canada - GAO Research Inc. ( recommends its latest enhanced ITU-T G.723.1 compliant vocoder which performs compression and decompression of 8kHz speech signals. It encodes 16-bit PCM samples into 16-bit code-words yielding 10 or 12 code-words per 240 sample frames for the 5.3Kbps and 6.3Kbps channels respectively.
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Mini Fiber Optic Power Meter Customized for CATV Operators

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( has released a cost-effective mini fiber optic power meter which is an ideal test instrument for engineers and technicians working on single-mode fiber optic cables, CATV networks or local networks.It is also well-suited for the debugging and maintenance of telecommunication networks.
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High Performance Gen 2 RFID Reader Ideal for Industrial Applications

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Asset Tracking ( has released a high performance Gen 2 RFID reader intended for uses such as warehousing, product distribution, shop floors, container tracking and baggage handling.It is suited for applications where high read rate is required such as portals or loading dock doorways. This ultra high frequency RFID reader, model 275001,can read more than 400 tags at a time.
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Passive Gen 2 RFID Survivor Tag for Returnable Transit Items

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Asset Tracking ( offers the passive Gen 2 Survivor tag which can be read from distances of five to seven meters. This RFID tag is specially designed for returnable transit items. It is commonly used to track large valuable items and vehicles like construction parts, steel pipes and trucks in the petrochemical industry.
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CIF Professional DVR Card Supports Digital Zoom

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( has rolled out its easy-to-use CIF professional DVR card packed with 16 channels video input BNC and 16 channels audio input BNC.The DVR card boasts multi-playback, mobile view, disk capture and CMS functions.It is also capable of redundant recording, full D1 recording and hard disk group management.
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Long-Range Active Beaconing RFID Tag Suited for On-Metal Applications

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Asset Tracking ( has added a 2.45GHz active beaconing RFID tag to its product collection. This RFID tag is specially designed for asset tracking, warehouse and inventory management. It supports long-range tracking of up to 30 meters and offers a tamper-proof solution in which the tag will send an alarm when it is dislodged.
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Portable ADSL2+ Tester Performs PPPoE Testing

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( has announced the release of anADSL 2+ tester which incorporates xDSL testing, PPPoE testing,DMM function and modem emulation. When functioning as a digital multi-meter(DMM), the tester performs loop resistance,capacitance,insulation resistance and voltage measurements.
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Active RFID Whip Antenna Shipped with a Coax Cable

Toronto, Canada -GAO RFID Asset Tracking ( released its active RFID whip antenna designed for optimal radio frequency (RF) reception performance with GAO RFID Asset Tracking's active RFID readers.It is commonly used in applications where Omni-directional RF reception is required such as in fleet management,vehicle yard management and container monitoring.
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1000M Media Converter Operates on Multi-Mode and Single-Mode Fibers

Toronto, Canada- GAO Fiber Optics  ( is offering this practical 1000M media converterwhich is used in backbone networks primarily used for Gigabit Ethernet device links. This media converter complies with the IEEE802.3z standard and operates on both multi-mode fibers with a transmission distance of up to 80km and single-mode fibers with a transmission distance of 550m. The data transmission rate is 2000Mbps in full-duplex mode.This 1000M media converter extends transmission distance through its photoelectric conversion network. The converter is RoHS compliant and operates at a speed of 1000Mb/s over both optical and electric channels. It has a Cat.5 UTP cable and a 1000Base-Sx/LX fiber cable. These features make the media converter an ideal solution for standalone and composite applications.
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Portable Signal Level Meter for CATV

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. ( has recently released this portable signal level meter, a versatile and easy-to-use device ideal for professionals working in the CATV industry. It measures signal amplitude at a specific frequency or any defined carrier. This handheld signal level meter performs C/N measurement, voltmeter functions, spectrum analysis, auto test and data logging.
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900MHz UHF RFID Reader Module

Toronto, Canada - GAO Embedded ( has announced the release of its ultra high frequency RFID reader module which is specifically designed for applications that share common requirements for tag support, protocol, performance and security. This RFID reader module is well-suited for use in anti-counterfeiting,handheld reading or encoding, printing, item-level inventory management, patron management, access control and asset management systems.This practical RFID reader module, model 716001, features high performance, high security and efficient power.It offers investment protection through a flexible and forward-compatible platform. The UHF module supports Alien, STMicro and ISO 18000-6B/6C standards. With a 6dBi linearly polarized antenna, it provides a maximum read distance of 3.5m.
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Handheld Digital Insulation Tester for Safety Testing

Toronto, Canada -GAO Instruments ( has released its portable digital insulation tester designed for safety testing electric equipment such as transformers, electro-motors, cables, switches,home appliances, and insulation materials.This digital insulation tester features automatic turn-off function and double insulation protection.
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Compact Multi-Purpose Data Communication Tester

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. ( has launched its  compact, multi -purpose data communication tester designed for the installation, maintenance and trouble-shooting of digital networks. This tester is used to carry out both framed and unframed tests on various equipment such as primary multiplexers, digital cross connects, automatic protection switches and circuits operating at a speed between 50bit/s and 2048kbit/s. Its lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for field use.
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A Versatile RFID Reader Features Diversified Tag Capability

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Asset Tracking ( recommends its plug and play SD Card RFID reader which eliminates the complexity of RFID integration by using secure Plug and Play technology. It is designed for such applications as contactless, cashless payment; consumer retail; event management and access control to name but a few. The reader can be used with smart phones and PDAs.
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Compact UHF RFID Fob Tag Ideal for Tracking of Keys

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc. ( recommends its UHF RFID fob tag operating in the frequency band of 902 to 928MHz for North American use and 865 to 868MHz for Europe or India. This compact RFID tag is designed for loop attachment to key rings or other items with similar style mounting requirements. It is an ideal solution for the tracking of keys used to gain access to secured assets and for tracking tools and equipment for real-time inventory visibility and automated check-out/check-in procedures.
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