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Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and Your Responsibility?

‘If ignorance is bliss, then wipe the smile off my face’ - This may well be the first article written on  cloud computing which has started by quoting Rage Against The Machine, however it is a sentiment I believe to be entirely fitting to the subject matter. Cloud computing is basically an extension of the internet’s power and alongside shared computing power. There is another facet that SaaS cloud offerings also share – misinformation.

The launch of Office 365 seems to have brought with it a great deal of misinformation as well to go with the torrent of existing unfounded facts and information readily available. For instance, apparently Google have telephone support – so say supporters (and resellers) of Google Apps, strangely others who use the service never seem to be able to access any level of tangible support. Microsoft BPOS reportedly had a cloud archive (even priced at £3 per user per month!), which it didn’t (Office 365 does).

As for commentators, they can basically say what they like. I read a Google based blog yesterday which declared that Office 365 was for individuals whilst Google Apps was for teams. It went on to justify why Google Apps was for teams but left out any real reason that Office 365 was for individuals (if it was, perhaps they shouldn’t have called it SharePoint). Fine, Google Apps is collaborative and the live document editing is a good selling point. However, with Office 365 Microsoft’s document editing facility has become much quicker and easier to use and within a more familiar Office environment avoiding the document formatting issues created by Google docs. If Google was the market leader in office applications then the shoe would be on the other foot but it isn’t, so its not. [Read More...]
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