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Careers in IT

With the proliferation of smartphones, innovative apps, sophisticated software, and novel devices, the significance of Information Technology or IT professionals has increased. Design, development, software engineering, and hardware development, and trouble shooting are some of the fields where qualified and experienced individuals are earning good money. Frank Johnson looks into the different career options and their scope in IT.

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How Does the Internet Really Work?

We use it everyday in office, at home and even on the go – the Internet is a channel that is now accessed through smart digital tablets and mobile phones in addition to desktops and laptops. But what exactly happens in the web world? How do these online processes work? Frank Johnson explains working of the Internet and the processes involved in same.

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Linux Insider: Comparison with Windows

In the previous article we got an insight into Linux and the pros and cons of using it. In this article Frank Johnson makes a thorough comparison between Windows and Linux along with delving into the advantages and disadvantages of Linux in details.

When it comes to choosing between Windows and Linux, most of us would prefer to go with the known demon – Windows – than spend time in exploring Linux, which is fairly new and has still not been adopted in most parts of the world as good old Windows. However, before making any judgements, we must take a look at the features that this relatively new OS may have over Windows that has undoubtedly ruled the computer world over decades and see if we do have a better choice worth considering.

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RFID Reader/Writer Module for Custom Hardware Development

Toronto, Canada - GAO Embedded ( has announced the release of its 13.56MHz Mifare mini RFID reader/writer module. The module, model 713004, has a high performance and cost-effective platform design to enable almost any device with RFID reader technology. It provides industry-leading security and practical features at a reasonable price. This practical RFID reader/writer module is both CE and FCC certificated. It supports multi-detection and has a baud rate of 19,200bps. The RFID reader/writer module includes RS232 and TTL communication interfaces. It is reads RFID transponders compliant with the ISO 14443A standard. This high frequency RFID reader/writer module has a minimal power requirement of only 5V DC, 100mA.
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New 4 Port CAN card available..

COSATEQ developed a new CAN-PCI card with 4 active ports ready to connect 4 independent networks. Hardware, Firmware and drivers are optimized for the special use in real-time simulation environments. [Read More...]
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