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Human Resources

The Truth about Human Resources.

Well a wise man once said that to be successful at anything, just find out what everyone else is doing and do just the opposite. Unfortunately most people think that Human Resources actually does the hiring in a company. The fact is that the vast majority of time Human Resources just does the facilitating. They don't make the final decision on a hire and they don't make the final decision on a fire. So they really are the first of many Gatekeepers.

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What does Technology Consulting have to do with Employability?

Most of us joined the entrepreneurial movement. of technology consulting with the notion that once we are a our own small business owner, we are free of the perils put upon us by ‘regular’ employment. Finally you get to be our own boss, make your own decisions and no one gets to tell you what to do anymore!. Little does it cross our minds, that in reality we now have multiple employers with diverse needs, and we now have to become more employable then ever.

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