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IT Security Awareness and Training in a Corporate Organization

The organizations today work in highly networked environments and the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information can only be protected if all employees have the basic knowledge of management, operational and technical controls required to protect the IT resources of their organization. Frank Johnson explains the strategies for [Read More...]

Developing an IT Training Plan in an Organization

The main aim of any IT training in an organization is to identify what skill or skill sets does the company want its personnel to learn. Frank Johnson unearths the factors that determine the IT training strategy and detailed plan of action with regards to imparting training tailored to address a company’s need for IT security.

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IT Governance Goes Espresso….

Information security consultants IT Governance ( today announce they are making a major commitment to the publishing on-demand model, in a move designed to make its information and IT security resources instantly available to its global audience on an 'as needed' basis. [Read More...]

Saving Your Business from the Cyber Security Hazards of 2008.

The SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute recently debuted their top ten cyber security menaces for 2008. Twelve established white-hat veterans of security poured their knowledge and time into compiling this top ten list, which I will refer to as the CMW “Cyberspace Most Wanted”. I will provide a series of articles, each focusing on one of the hazards on the CMW. I will explain what they are and advise of practical solutions how to mitigate these risks in your small and medium business enterprise (SME). I will also focus on the business issues rather that the technical attributes of the technologies to mitigate these threats.

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