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Energy Efficient IT Systems ? Server Virtualization

The goal may be to reduce cost, save the environment or keep the data center running, but excessive energy consumption has become a critical issue for most of the organizations using IT systems. Frank Johnson discusses the need for energy efficiency and the server virtualization technique to reduce power cost and increase resource utilization.

The IT Power Crises:The consumption of power is a critical issue in the domain of IT organizations. Computing equipment has become increasingly dense and energy costs are on the rise. Many datacenters even lack adequate electrical power or space that IT services require. Industry analysts estimate that annual costs of powering a server may soon exceed its acquisition cost.

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Managed Services: Importance and Types of Services That May Be Outsourced

Managed Services may be defined as running a set of services for a client on agreed outcome, measured as Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators for a fixed price. Frank Johnson elucidates the concept further and explains the different types of IT based managed services.

A vendor offering managed services may deliver and manage network-based services, applications and equipment to enterprises or other service providers. Managed service providers may be hosting companies or access providers.

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Business Security ? Risk Management and Tools to Counter IT Threats

Business organizations need to be very alert and vigilant to maintain the confidentiality of their data and work details. The impact of security breach can be far greater than a business can expect. Loss of sensitive information may not only affect competitiveness or cash flow but can eventually damage business reputation. Frank Johnson delves deeper into the different aspects of Business Security.

Business organizations increasingly rely on IT Support for their operations and this makes them vulnerable to threats from hackers, viruses and in some cases even from their own staff. There can be intentional or erroneous actions that lead to loss of data or corruption of files. Having the correct information at the right time is crucial to decision making and this in turn makes the difference between the success and failure of a business.

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