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Linux Insider: Comparison with Windows

In the previous article we got an insight into Linux and the pros and cons of using it. In this article Frank Johnson makes a thorough comparison between Windows and Linux along with delving into the advantages and disadvantages of Linux in details.

When it comes to choosing between Windows and Linux, most of us would prefer to go with the known demon – Windows – than spend time in exploring Linux, which is fairly new and has still not been adopted in most parts of the world as good old Windows. However, before making any judgements, we must take a look at the features that this relatively new OS may have over Windows that has undoubtedly ruled the computer world over decades and see if we do have a better choice worth considering.

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Linux Insider ? Applications, Advantages and Drawbacks of Linux OS

Linux operating system became a popular alternative to the operating systems from Microsoft Corporation that are generally installed on new personal computers. Linux is probably the best known example of ‘open-source’ software and its source code is freely available on the Internet. Frank Johnson delves further into the details of this system, its advantages and drawbacks.

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