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High Frequency Mifare RFID Reader/Writer Module

Toronto, Canada - GAO Embedded( has launched its high frequency Mifare RFID reader/writer moduleused for custom hardware development. This custom-built chip is an ideal device for system integrators providing a high performance, cost-effective platform to provide almost any device with RFID reader technology. It belongs to GAO's RFID Embedded Modulesfamily of products.
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Easy-to-integrate Embedded UHF Reader Module

Toronto, Canada - GAO Embedded ( has announced the release of its embedded UHF reader module that is specially designed for applications that with requirements for multiple tag and protocol support in applications such as inventory management, asset tracking, patron management and personnel tracking. This embedded reader is suitable for use in handheld/mobile readers, doorway readers, printers/encoders, and smart-cabinets/shelves.
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32-Bit Microprocessor System Module

Toronto, Canada - GAO Embedded ( is introducing its 32-bit microprocessor system module SOM 5307 , which is used in a wide range of embedded applications including digital image processing, communication protocols, programming technology, NISE technology and DSP technology.
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Energy-saving RFID Reader Module

Toronto, Canada - GAO Embedded (, a leading supplier of embedded modules, is offering this 13.56MHz RFID reader module, which is designed to convert existing applications and hardware to RFID ready technology as a direct replacement for Magnetic Stripe Reader Modules. [Read More...]

Nortel Compatible SFP Transceiver Module with a Small Form Factor Design

Toronto, Canada – GAO Fiber Optics (, a leading supplier of optical transceivers, is offering its Nortel compatible transceiver, which is a hot-swappable, protocol-independent 1000BASE-SX SFP typically operating at 850nm and at a maximum distance of 550m. This transceiver is intended for 10 Gigabit per second SONET/SDH, Fiber Channel, gigabit Ethernet, 10 gigabit Ethernet and other applications such as DWDM links or MMF applications.
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Highly Accurate Parallel Data Acquisition Module

Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( recommends this parallel data acquisition module  providing demo source code for common development platforms. The data acquisition card includes two independent programmable gain channels and three triggering modes which are manual, external and internal. Internal triggering conditions include adjustable level rising and falling edge triggers. It is specially designed for use by anyone from student to professional researcher or engineer who works with PC104 embedded systems.
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Fiber Optic Digital Video Transceiver Module for CCTV Monitoring

Toronto, Canada – GAO Fiber Optics ( recommends its fiber optic digital video transceiver module designed for use in closed-circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring systems. It is especially ideal for the transmission of video over one-way optical fiber, and is available in either stand-alone or rack mount card versions.
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900MHz UHF RFID Reader Module

Toronto, Canada - GAO Embedded ( has announced the release of its ultra high frequency RFID reader module which is specifically designed for applications that share common requirements for tag support, protocol, performance and security. This RFID reader module is well-suited for use in anti-counterfeiting,handheld reading or encoding, printing, item-level inventory management, patron management, access control and asset management systems.This practical RFID reader module, model 716001, features high performance, high security and efficient power.It offers investment protection through a flexible and forward-compatible platform. The UHF module supports Alien, STMicro and ISO 18000-6B/6C standards. With a 6dBi linearly polarized antenna, it provides a maximum read distance of 3.5m.
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Digital Video Transceiver Module Ideal for CCTV Monitoring Systems

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( has released its all-digital fiber optic transceiver module using 10-bit/20MHz sampling technology for video digital encoding. The fiber optic digital video transceiver module is designed to support transmission of four-way video over one optical fiber. It is available in either stand-alone or rack mount card version.
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125kHz RFID Reader Module Uses MSR ABA Track 2 As Communication Interface

Toronto. Canada - GAO Embedded ( has announced the release of a 125kHz RFID reader module which uses MSR ABA Track 2 as communication interface. EM compatible transponders are available for use with the module. It is designed to be a direct replacement for Magnetic Strip Reader Modules to enable existing applications and hardware with RFID capability.
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RFID Reader/Writer Module for Custom Hardware Development

Toronto, Canada - GAO Embedded ( has announced the release of its 13.56MHz Mifare mini RFID reader/writer module. The module, model 713004, has a high performance and cost-effective platform design to enable almost any device with RFID reader technology. It provides industry-leading security and practical features at a reasonable price. This practical RFID reader/writer module is both CE and FCC certificated. It supports multi-detection and has a baud rate of 19,200bps. The RFID reader/writer module includes RS232 and TTL communication interfaces. It is reads RFID transponders compliant with the ISO 14443A standard. This high frequency RFID reader/writer module has a minimal power requirement of only 5V DC, 100mA.
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