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Marketing Messages Can Now Be Delivered By Using QR Codes

Smart Poster is known to offer latest tools and technology platforms to companies and brands to help them achieve their marketing objectives. The latest technology of QR codes combined with NFC technology will enable them to deliver ad, marketing messages, coupons, sale information, and other promotional offers directly in the mobiles of their clients. [Read More...]

Near Field Communication (NFC) Will Make Our Lives Easier

Shoppers who were wary of carrying cash while shopping were gifted coupons; those who outgrew coupons were gifted with debit and credit cards. Now the ever-changing IT world brings you the 21st century shopping revolution – Near Field Communication technology. With this technology, your mobile phone becomes a mobile ATM. With NFC technology, you can scan item codes and prices at stores, unlock your car door, configure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, and book airline tickets. What’s more, an NFC-enabled phone can read mobile tags embedded in NFC Smart Posters and screens and immediately make related websites and pricelists crop up on you mobile phone screen!
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