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High Performance Fiber Optic Identifier Features Low Bending Loss

Toronto, Canada - GAO Instru ments ( has released a fiber optic identifier  which is ideal for use in the installation and maintenance of telecommunication and CATV systems. The identifier detects signal frequency tones of 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz. It efficiently and accurately identifies the traffic direction and frequency tone of a signal in an optical fiber and indicates status through LEDs.
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Fiber Optic OTDR Resistant to Dust, Moisture and Shock

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( has recently released its handheld fiber optic OTDR which is popular with customers due to its high stability and performance-to-price ratio.It is particularly designed for the installation and maintenance of single or multi-mode fibers in MAN, WAN, CATV and LAN networks.The OTDR is a cost-effective test unit to locate fault points in long-distance transmission fibers.
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Fiber Optic Power Meter Features Auto-Wave Recognition

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. ( has released its advanced fiber optic power meter featuring three modulated signal frequencies, auto-wave recognition, low-power consumption, superior source stability and a large LCD screen. The three modulated signal frequencies are 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz. Its auto-wave recognition function saves test time and decreases potential errors.
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Fiber Optic Power Meter Performs Self-Check

Toronto, Canada - GAO Fiber Optics ( has announced the availability of its portable fiber optic power meter supporting optical identification and fault location for single mode fiber or multimode fiber. This fiber optic power meter performs self-test and self-check for hardware and parameters.
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Upgraded Handheld Optical Multi Meter

Toronto, Canada -GAO Fiber Optics ( has announced the release of this handheld optical multi meter which is an upgrade version of GAO Fiber Optics' model 08611. It is intended for use in telecommunication and CATV maintenance, passive device manufacture and lab testing and research.
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Mini Fiber Optic Power Meter for CATV Operators

Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( recommends its mini fiber optic power meter- an ideal tool for the debugging and maintenance of telecommunication networks.It is intended for CATV engineers and technicians working with single-mode fiber optic cables, CATV networks, or local networks.
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