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Windows Outlook Data Loss And Its Recovery Technique

Many a time’s users of Outlook, irrespective of the version being used, can suffer data inaccessibility. Data or say information from mails, contacts, calendars, tasks and other manually made folders of Outlook desktop mail program can get unavailable. The situation can occur due to three primary reasons that are defined in the section below. [Read More...]

Extract Outlook Attachments And Compact PST File To Avoid Over Sizing

In order to avoid the size of PST file from being over sized Outlook provide the option of “Compact Now” that helps in over writing the white space of PST file which is created due to permanently deleting any items of PST file. But in some scenarios this Compact Now option works as weak solution to reduce the size of PST file because in some cases it hardly saves the PST file size. The main cause of increasing the size of PST file is Outlook attachments. [Read More...]

Top 10 Tips for Outlook

As a personal information manager from Microsoft, Outlook is available both as a separate application as also a part of the Microsoft Office suite. The latest versions of this application are Microsoft Outlook 2010 for Windows and Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 for Mac. Frank Johnson offers a few tips to those who wish to maximize their efficiency by making the most of MS Outlook features.

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