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Relive the Magic of King’s Quest Today with King’s Quest III Redux

Free remake can be downloaded for PC and Mac from <>
February 24, 2011 - AGD Interactive, an acclaimed developer of classic adventure game remakes, is proud to present King's Quest III Redux: To Heir
Is Human after eight years of undercover production. This retold and remastered version of the 1986 Sierra On-Line game can be downloaded free of
charge from for PC and Mac. Today's release brings an end to over a decade of free game production for AGD Interactive, who will now turn their talents to commercial projects.
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Versatile USB PC Based Oscilloscope

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc.( recommends its high speed, 8-bit, two-channel digital storage USB PC based oscilloscope which is commonly used for testing and maintenance of data lines, electronic equipment and in laboratory work. It is compatible with USB 2.0 and requires no external power.
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Novosoft Releases Automatic Backup Software for Android Phones

Novosofts releases Handy Backup for Android 1.4, a data backup utility for Android-driven mobile devices, now featuring scheduling of backup jobs. Novosoft, one of the leading providers of backup solutions worldwide, today announced the release of a new version of Handy Backup™ for Android, featuring task scheduling capability. Now users of the [Read More...]

Novosoft Releases Handy Backup for Android v. 1.3 to Deliver Online Backup Capability for Android Smartphones

Alliance, Ohio, December 8, 2009 – Novosoft, one of the leading providers of data backup solutions worldwide, today announced the release of a new 1.3 version of Handy Backup for Android. Now users of the utility can take advantage of the Online Backup option and back up phone's data to a secure online storage system provided by Novosoft. "We launched our Remote Backup Service in October, 2005, and the reaction of users of Handy Backup for PC was very positive," said Alexander… [Read More...]

Automatically shut down computers at schedule time to save money

A typical PC left on for 24 hours each day can use $70 or more of energy per year. Turned off at night and weekends, it will only use around $20 of energy per year. Power outages have happened in the world , from United States to Europe. In this big economic crisis, saving electricity so as to save money is also important.   PC Auto Shutdown will help users save precious electricity and shut down computers at schedule time. It runs silently in the background until the scheduled time is… [Read More...]

Novosoft Announces Marketing Strategy for Handy Backup for Android

Novosoft, one of the leading providers of data backup solutions worldwide, today announced the intention to use Handy Backup for Android, their data backup tool for Android-powered phones, to promote Novosoft Remote Backup Service. Alliance, Ohio, November 17, 2009 – Novosoft, an international IT-consulting and software development company, announced today that the upcoming version Handy Backup for Android will be bundled with Novosoft Remote Backup Service. Handy Backup for Android… [Read More...]
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