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PCM channel analyzer

High-Performance PCM Channel Analyzer

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. ( is offering its high-performance PCM channel analyzer which incorporates a generator and receiver into a single unit. It performs tests for level, variation of gain with frequency, variation of gain with input level, quantizing distortion, idle channel noise, crosstalk, return loss and longitudinal conversion loss. [Read More...]

Compact and Easy-to-Operate PCM Channel Analyzer

GAO Tek Inc. ( has released itscompact PCM channel analyzer featuring flexible control modes and convenient Windows’ style GUI. This portable PCM channel analyzer incorporatesan analog signal generator/receiver, a selective level meter, a BER tester, a signaling generator/receiver, a ring generator/identifier, a dialer, a DC loop circuit (ICT, OGT), a balanced bridge and a Reflecting Bridge into a single instrument. [Read More...]
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