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How to Avoid Being a Victim of Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the most insidious crimes there is. You aren't robbed at gunpoint; you don't come home to find your house broken into. You try to use your check card or credit card, and it doesn’t work. A few phone calls later, you know why. Someone has stolen your personal information. They have drained your checking account and maxed out your credit cards. Your identity has been stolen.

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5 Ways to Avoid Adware and Malware

Beware! New adware and malware threats are identified all the time, and even regular browsing can leave computers exposed. Here's what to do

Most people have systems in place to protect their computers and vital information when they’re browsing the Internet. However, with new adware and malware threats identified regularly, any browsing can leave a computer exposed, especially if the user is unaware of what to look out for. Since adware and malware removal are more difficult than prevention, it makes sense to be educated and prevent a malware infection before it happens.

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PC Tools/Tips for playing safe for the digitally active!

1. PRACTICE SAFE EX-CHANGES – Be careful with e- cards While many people trade e- cards on Valentine’s Day, birthdays and special occasions, be careful about opening e-cards and the associated links—even during an IM or social networking chat. Check the address of the link carefully before clicking on it. If the email or IM is [Read More...]

Do you always see what your children are up to while they are online?

What if there was a program that could control topics talked about online? What if there was a program that could control what websites are deemed appropriate, by parents, for their children? What if there was a program that could limit time and scheduling that parents could set up for their children? Well, there is a parental control software [Read More...]
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