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Offshore PHP Developer – Helping You Save on Web Development Cost

With a rise in the number of offshore PHP development companies, every small to medium scale business owner can now think of saving money on their web development costs by sending work to a cheaper destination, which is the called “offshored”.They can outsource their web development requirements to an efficient offshore PHP developer (or an Offshore PHP Web Development Company) for much less, still get the same or even better work output quality & concentrate on other important business activities in the meantime. A good many number of PHP outsourcing companies come up on Google Search results but not all of them are able to deliver what the customers usually expect from them. Some of them even claim to offer the cheapest PHP development service than their competitors. It adds to the confusion of those who have recently started to search for a reliable offshore PHP developer for their programming needs. Though it seems difficult but they need to judge the offshore PHP development firms based on certain criteria including experience, expertise, quality of service, customer satisfaction rate & pricing. Doing so will help them find out the best offshore PHP developer with the added advantage of outsourcing facility at reduced costs. It will enable them to get the desirable output within the stipulated budget.

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How to Handle the session of website using PHP

Lets we start with step by step to achieve the session handling using the php with example..
A session is a way to store information (in the form of variables) to be used across multiple pages. Unlike a cookie, specific variable information is not stored on the users computer.
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Read and write Excel data with PHP Using XML support

Microsoft Office 2003 for the Microsoft Windows® operating system opened a whole new set of opportunities that non-Microsoft engineers have yet to realize. Of course, you had the usual set of new features. But the big new advance was the addition of XML file formats. With Office 2003, you can save your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as XML and use the file just as you would the binary equivalent. The same goes for Microsoft Word.

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Iflexion Announces Its 2010 Events Calendar

Austin, TX,  December 21, 2009 --( 2009 was full of challenges for software development companies and many other businesses around the world. However, based on latest financial performance and growth indicators Iflexion is proud to officially announce that they have not only overcame the complexity of economic recession but also have managed to use this time as the opportunity for expansion and further growth.
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XOOPS CMS releases Version 2.4.0

After over 25,000 downloads of its previous version in just five short months, the XOOPS Project, world’s leading Open Source CMS (Content Management System) and #1 CMS System hosted on, is aggressively building on this success and has released a new version of its award winning software – XOOPS 2.4.0. [Read More...]

Shivam Technologies – Software Development Company Launches New Website

Shivam Technologies announced today the launch of their newly redesigned website. The Melbourne-based software development and internet marketing company has been offering the Melbourne business community website design and online marketing services since 2000; so while the website may be new, the company is an established brand name in Australia, with many local and nationally known companies using Shivam as their go-to source for web design, search engine optimization and other online marketing strategies. [Read More...]

Secure your HTML contact form using captcha

Using a contact form on your website is very useful as it helps your web site visitors to communicate with you in an easy and simple way.

But, there are spammers and hackers who are looking for exploitable web forms. It is essential to secure your form against all 'holes' that those hackers are searching for.

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Ingres Newsflash: Ingres makes MySQL transition a breeze

Ingres Corporation, the leading open source database company and pioneer of the New Economics of IT, announced today the creation of EasyIngres, an Ingres developer community product that helps PHP developers easily create applications using Ingres and simplifies the transition from MySQL to Ingres. [Read More...]
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