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Multi-function Portable ADSL2+ Tester

Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( recommends its ADSL 2+ tester which is an ideal tool for ADSL/ADSL2+ network installation, maintenance and fault detection. It provides xDSL testing, PPPoE dial testing, DMM testing and Modem functionality. This tester tests physical layer parameters including current and maximum rate, noise margin, attenuation and output power.
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Portable Optical Multi-Meter for Fiber Optic Networks

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments ( recommends its handheld optical multi-meter  which incorporates an optical power meter module and an optical light source module. It is able to implement loop-around tests by using both modules. Each of the modules can function independently; switching between the modules is accomplished easily via menu selection. It can be tailored according to different requirements.
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Portable Gigabit Ethernet Tester with Cable VCT

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( recommends its portable gigabit Ethernet tester for 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet installation and maintenance. This tester has functions for network testing, data packet capture, traffic generation, cable testing and BER testing for network layer 1, 2 and 3. It allows front-line field workers to analyze network quality and rapidly locate faults.
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Portable USB PC Based Oscilloscope

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( has launched its high speed, 8-bit, two-channel digital storage USB PC based oscilloscope which connects to a computer via USB2.0 port for both data transfer and power supply. This oscilloscope is designed for the maintenance of electronic equipment and lab work in science, medicine, engineering and telecommunication systems.
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Portable ADSL2+ Tester Performs PPPoE Testing

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( has announced the release of anADSL 2+ tester which incorporates xDSL testing, PPPoE testing,DMM function and modem emulation. When functioning as a digital multi-meter(DMM), the tester performs loop resistance,capacitance,insulation resistance and voltage measurements.
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Portable Vector Network Analyzer Covers a Wide Range of Applications

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments ( has rolled out an innovative portable vector network analyzer, which incorporates a built-in precise synthesized signal source, a high sensitive receiver, a high performance CPU, and a large LCD display. The advanced handheld vector network analyzer is appropriated for electrical systems installation, debugging, maintenance, outdoor repair and RF & microwave component testing. It is used in such applications as broadcast television, CATV, GPS, GSM/PCS, microwave relays, satellite communication systems and radar systems.
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Portable ADSL 2+ Tester Performs PPPoE Dialing

Toronto, Canada – GAO Comm ( has released its portable ADSL 2+ tester  providing ADSL2 plus auto modem mode and multi modem mode for selection. It meets the needs for xDSL testing including ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ and READSL. The compact tester is ideal for the installation and maintenance of xDSL  telecommunication systems.
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Portable and Easy-to-Use Telecom Line Tester

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( has launched its compact telecom line tester  which is a professional handheld instrument used for line maintenance and construction. This tester is compatible with FSK and DTMF meeting the GB/T 15279-94 standard. It has an insulation test range of 0 to 40MΩ at a maximum distance of 2km. This easy-to-use telecom line tester, model 230, incorporates the functions of a telephone set, circuit performance tester and security tester, which makes the line tester a comprehensive device for detecting line errors. The portable telecom line tester performs dial and caller display, multi-line tests as well as twister pair testing. It is configured with a chargeable 9V Ni-MH battery and a high resolution LCD screen to display line voltage and insulation test results and features low voltage warning, auto power off for energy savings.
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Portable Optical Fiber Identifier

Toronto, Canada  - GAOFiberOptics  ( recommends this compact optical fiber identifier  which efficiently identifies the traffic direction and frequency tone without damaging the fiber. This easy-to-use fiber identifier is well-suited for the maintenance of telecom and CATV systems, test labs and other fiber optic networks.
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Portable and Affordable Digital Oscilloscope

Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( has added a dual-channel portable digital oscilloscope to its popular product line which meets most requirements for low bandwidth debugging. It is an ideal tool for engineers and technicians who need to perform complex measurements in sciences, medicine, engineering, telecommunications and similar industries.
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Portable and Easy-to-Use SDH/PDH Transmission Analyzer

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( has rolled out a portable and easy-to-use SDH/PDH transmission analyzer. It is used in R&D, manufacture, acceptance testing, performance monitoring, maintenance and measurement of SDH/PDH networks and equipment. Featuring a compact size, a large TFT LCD screen and high reliability, the analyzer is an ideal solution for the installation and troubleshooting of E1, DS3, STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12 and STM-16.OC-48 lines.
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Portable SDH/PDH Transmission Analyzer

Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( has announced the release of its portable SDH/PDH transmission analyzer featuring a flexible soft-define simulated LED 10.4'' TFT LCD, 128M memory capacity and current and saved alert status indication.This handheld SDH/PDH transmission analyzer can conduct bit error rate (BER) testing. Its compact architecture and high reliability make this transmission analyzer an ideal tool for the installation and troubleshooting of E1, DS3, STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12 and STM-16/OC-48 lines.
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Portable Signal Level Meter Operating at a Wide Frequency Rang

Toronto, Canada – GAO Comm offers its handheld signal level meter, a portable device operating in a frequency range of 46MHz to 870MHz. It is specially designed and manufactured for CATV systems installation and testing. This meter is commonly used to test CATV signal levels in both channel and frequency modes.As a measurement instrument, this handheld meteris especially useful for CATV stations due to its ability to simultaneously display two channels.It is ideally suited for the… [Read More...]
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