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Benefits of Project Management

Project Management marks a departure from the old school of doing business. It comprises all the elements that truly define a symbiotic relationship between a manager, a client and a worker. But what essential benefits does it bring to the organization? Frank Johnson find out.

A successful project banks heavily on an integrated process of:

• Project creation

• Fool proof planning

• Meticulous execution

• Effective supervising and control

• Timely completion and closure

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CDW’s Five Steps to Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Organizations face a constant barrage of cybersecurity threats.  Botnets, malware, worms and hacking are just a few things that keep IT managers awake at night, wondering if their network is safe and strong enough to deflect the next attack.  Rather than reaching for a sleep aid to get through the night, organizations need a coherent methodology for prioritizing and addressing cybersecurity risks.  Here’s one for the taking.  Too many organizations either suffer from a “security paralysis,” in which it is impossible to prioritize areas for remediation with their limited resources, or attempt to apply a few “best practices” in the hope that what worked for another organization will work for them.

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