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Reflecting On Changing Times, Nation Shifts Toward Experiential Purchases

July 5, 2010 – Atlanta, Georgia – Under the umbrella of Blue Marble Media, a 15-year Atlanta-based, video production company, Cooper Maron>Commissioned Films, a newly-formed subsidiary, is targeting an untapped niche market offering high-definition, broadcast quality video portrayals that create lasting chronicles in a changing world. With the recession reshaping the lives of many American’s, analysts are seeing a fundamental shift in how and where American businesses and the general public are spending their dollars. As the nation shifts from hyper consumption toward experiential purchasing, Cooper Maron aims to provide clients with the opportunity to create personal documentaries that artfully capture the experiences and memories of a lifetime.
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SEO Partnership – The first of its kind Offer by an SEO Company (Free)

W3whiz is offering a very unique form of partnership, designed for both professional Bloggers and the aspiring writers who are looking for a chance to hit it big. The deal goes like this, w3whiz will take on the expenditures and marketing departments, all their partner has to do is to write for the Blog. Even when the company (w3whiz) will be paying for all costs and looking after the entire marketing campaign, earnings from the Google Adsense will be split 50/50 between w3whiz and Bloggers. In addition to that, writer’s complete credentials will be posted on the website declaring him/her as the author and the content will not be used at any other venture of w3whiz. The veteran writers at w3whiz will also guide the novice writers on what kind of topics to go for, how to improve their writing style and how to make readers to interact with the author, which means, it will be a great learning experience for the beginners, at absolutely no costs involved. [Read More...]

W3whiz claims to be the most affordable and yet the most comprehensive Internet Marketing Service

There’s no denying the fact that Search Engine Optimization has become an absolute must when it comes to online success. In addition to this, Internet marketing is no more limited to adding your website into the web directories and search engines. It is gradually becoming a multifaceted approach that requires ample time, resources, and an overall grasp of the subject. Advertising market is getting more and more interested in online or media, in fact the growth rate of internet marketing is considerably more than traditional media. Those who have given it a try, agree that online media is a very cost-effective medium for targeted marketing.

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Affordable SEO – W3Whiz providing Inexpensive yet Comprehensive SEO Services, an SEO company providing the most comprehensive internet marketing solutions has now launched new SEO packages for all and sundry.
Packed with all those modern-day internet marketing features and services like On-Page optimization, content creation, link building, social media optimization and PPC, this multipurpose service is ideal for those who find themselves at sea when faced with the daunting task of ranking for their targeted keywords. [Read More...]
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