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Social Networking Propels Voice Over Professional Into Entrepreneurial Limelight

Terry Daniel, a voice over professional, is making himself available to the media to explain how social networking has been responsible for growing his niche voice over business. Daniel is willing to offer insider advice on how your viewers / readers / listeners can use applications like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and You Tube in building their own business. This is priceless information for your audience, especially in this struggling economy. [Read More...]

A new Social Networking blogging concept created & executed by 1 person and $500 cost

MyTimelineOnline is a unique blogging website featuring advanced controls that allows users to document their life, or the life of a loved one and to share their collective experiences within their social network and with the world. MyTimelineOnline features a control originally designed by MIT and converted to .NET by Rob Chartier. The timeline view allows users to quickly navigate several years' worth of postings to explore what events occurred in their own life or the lives of others. [Read More...]

Navigating Social Networking Sites During Divorce

Whether users are posting vacation videos or discussing dinner plans, social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter allow people to connect and share a great deal of personal information. Most of the time, this sharing comes with few negative consequences. An exception arises, though, when someone is preparing for divorce. These Web sites have collectively become a rich source of information for divorce lawyers preparing for contentious litigation. [Read More...] Gets Upgraded to Version 2.0 gets upgraded to Version 2.0 The social networking site recently got a major overhaul in its latest release. MyTimelineOnline, a site aimed at helping internet users share their life story in timeline format, was completely rewritten using new techology. [Read More...]

Social Networking Community Offers Opportunity for Bikers to Meet Online

Summer offers opportunities for bikers from all over the United States to gather for poker runs, bike shows and more, but now there is an online community where bikers can come together and discuss the latest rides, find their next long ride, chat with those they have met on the road, meet new friends and discuss bikes, shows, trends and more. [Read More...]
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