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Security Issues for Mobile Devices

From digital games to social networking and E mails to banking, the smart mobiles and personal digital assistants (PDAs) that we use today are capable of performing a large number of tasks. But this modern day gizmo is also vulnerable to a lot of security threats and technical issues. Frank Johnson discusses the security issues for mobile devices and some simple solutions to address them efficaciously.

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Don’t Let Technical Failures Risk Your Companies Future

Email, social networking notwithstanding, is still the premier method of business communication and is projected to be for the foreseeable future.  Given the fact that the typical corporate email user sends and receives 100 messages daily and that 18% of all email is spam and graymail, businesses depend on their email host provider to make sure that their incoming emails are filtered properly and, even more critically, that their outgoing emails are being received quickly and reliably.

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New Survey Reveals 30% Computer Users Would Sacrifice Morning Coffee to be Spam-Free

Computer users are willing to go so far as to give up their most coveted vices to alleviate mounting spam frustrations.Almost a third of survey respondents admitted they would willingly give up their morning coffee in order to be free of spam, while over 40% would sacrifice their afternoon office snack. An additional 18% said they would even give up coveted vices such as happy hour drinks to relieve their inboxes of spam.

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5 Ways to Avoid Adware and Malware

Beware! New adware and malware threats are identified all the time, and even regular browsing can leave computers exposed. Here's what to do

Most people have systems in place to protect their computers and vital information when they’re browsing the Internet. However, with new adware and malware threats identified regularly, any browsing can leave a computer exposed, especially if the user is unaware of what to look out for. Since adware and malware removal are more difficult than prevention, it makes sense to be educated and prevent a malware infection before it happens.

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