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VPN Encryption Are You Using the Right Key?

SSL VPNs keep data secure and reduce support headaches.
Demand for mobile and remote access to business networks has increased dramatically.  Even the most basic virtual private network (VPN) technologies are so accessible and affordable that there is no good reason for failing to utilize them.  That said, the real question for businesses is which type of VPN to implement:  Standard IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) or secure-sockets layer (SSL)?

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DeepSec discusses SSL security hole: Anyone can pretend to be a bank

When is a website truly secure? Most users are convinced that a website encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL), as used by webshops or banks, is safe. The logic behind it is that nothing can happen because the contents are encrypted. "But unfortunately this may be a fallacy", warns Rene Pfeiffer of the International Security Conference DeepSec (, which will be held from 17 to 20 November in Vienna for the third time, bringing together the world elite from the areas of network security and hacking. [Read More...]
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