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G.726 Vocoder Suited for Numerous Applications

Toronto, Canada-GAO Research Inc. ( recommends this high performance G.726 vocoder which has been widely used in applications such as speech transmission over digital networks, video conferencing, multimedia and ISDN communications. This G.726 vocoder complies with the ITU-T standard and operates at 40, 32, 24, and 16kbps.  It was introduced to supersede both G.721, which covered ADPCM at 32 kbit/s, and G.723, which described ADPCM for 24 and 40 kbit/s. G.726 also introduced a new 16 kbit/s rate. The four bit rates associated with G.726 are often referred to by the bit size of a sample, which are 2-bits, 3-bits, 4-bits, and 5-bits respectively.
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