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Texting While Driving

Should Distracted Driving Laws Apply to All Texas Drivers?

Within the last few years, there has been a growing national focus on how dangerous it is for drivers to talk on cell phones and send and receive text messages while driving. Across the country, there has been a push in state legislatures to pass laws that either outright ban both activities by drivers or limit cell phone use to more experienced, adult drivers using hands-free devices. [Read More...]

Trucking Industry Looking for Exception from Texting Bans

Across the country, there has been a movement at the state and federal levels to ban drivers from sending, receiving and reading text messages while driving. The focus on text messages began in earnest over the summer when the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute released a study that found that drivers who text while driving have a 23 times greater risk of being involved in an accident than drivers who do not -- a risk that is far greater than even drinking and driving. [Read More...]

Teens, Texting and Driving

Teens, Texting and Driving A public service announcement made by the British government concerning the dangers of teens texting while driving became a viral video sensation overnight. The video gained so much publicity largely because of its graphic and disturbing portrayal of a car accident caused by a young driver texting on her cell phone while driving with her two friends. [Read More...]

Study on Texting While Driving: Danger Ahead

Study on Texting While Driving: Danger Ahead Article provided by Harris & Harris Lawyers Visit us at A recent Virginia Tech study shows that dialing a cell phone makes a driver 2.8 times more likely to crash than one who is undistracted. Talking on the phone makes a driver 30 percent more likely to crash. [Read More...]
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