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Visible Fault Locator Features Low Voltage Warning

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( has announced the release of a compact visible fault locator designed for the installation and maintenance of optical networks. It features low voltage warning and automatic power off for saving energy. The fault locator, model 811, is an ideal tool for use with an OTDR as it remedies the limitation of the dead zone of an OTDR.
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Pen-Style Visual Fault Locator

Toronto, Canada – GAO Comm( has released its simple-to-operate visual fault locator featuring a small, light-weight pen-shaped design. This visual fault locator, model 3C-04, is commonly used for fiber optic identification and fault location on single mode or multi-mode fiber. It can also be used for wavelength loss testing. The high power, 650nm laser can transmit continuous light or adjustable strobe light. This compact locator has a measurement range of up to 5km and… [Read More...]
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