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Setting up Telecommuting

In the recent years, there has been an increasing pressure on companies to cut down costs and enhance productivity. Business organizations want to implement more flexible strategies in their working environment and this has made telecommuting significant. Frank Johnson explains the benefits of telecommuting and guides you to successfully use the same in your organization.

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Gear Up For the Mobility Boom with a Protected Mobile Workforce

With increased mobility comes increased risk.The drive towards a more mobile workforce is accelerating.  Technology may power the move toward mobility, but it is business driven.  Businesses increasingly look toward technology to stay competitive – and joining the mobile movement is a step in the right direction.  By [Read More...]

VPN Encryption Are You Using the Right Key?

SSL VPNs keep data secure and reduce support headaches.
Demand for mobile and remote access to business networks has increased dramatically.  Even the most basic virtual private network (VPN) technologies are so accessible and affordable that there is no good reason for failing to utilize them.  That said, the real question for businesses is which type of VPN to implement:  Standard IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) or secure-sockets layer (SSL)?

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The benefits of VPN for Mac users.

A security and privacy software company, entered the Mac market with the launch of Steganos Internet Anonym VPN for Mac OS X on June 4. The service provides Mac users with a secure and anonymous Internet connection, whether at home or at Wi-Fi hotspots, Aston Fallen of Steganos told .Web sites viewed and any data up or downloaded are protected from eavesdropping, he adds.

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