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Talking Shop Online: Podcast Series “Groundwork” Plays to Boomers and Newbies to Small Biz Start-Ups

The central Texas based startup Charting Dreams will host a weekly online radio show on BlogTalkRadio to help other entrepreneurs and would-be small business owners to tackle some important issues around starting a new business in a tough economy. AUSTIN, TX, October 06, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — The central Texas based startup Charting Dreams will host a weekly online radio show on BlogTalkRadio to help other entrepreneurs and would-be small business owners to tackle some important issues around starting a new business in a tough economy.

But where do you start if you’re an "entrepre-newbie?"

"There’s almost too much information out there," says Sam Maropis, small business start-up coach at Charting Dreams and co-originator of the online radio show. "Most new businesses are being started right now by people who have been downsized from their current jobs, or who are looking for ways to pad their incomes with a money-making gig on the side. But a great new idea can get swallowed up in the sea of information offered by all the experts on the Internet."

He’s right. Do a Google search for "small biz start-up" advice and you’ll find millions of articles pointing you in a thousand different directions. While much of the information can be helpful, too much of it is daunting. And chasing down the core essentials can waste literally weeks of your time.

Furthermore, while some services are free, other necessary services, especially Internet related services, will cost you plenty. The Internet is a great place to start gathering information and setting up a business, but monthly and yearly fees are a fact of life. They really start to add up if you’re not selective.

As more people look for ideas and advice online, Charting Dreams saw a need to simplify some of the main issues start-up owners face, provide it free of charge to anyone who may be a little overwhelmed, and to have some fun at the same time. The radio show Groundwork, which will play on Monday nights at 10:00 pm central time on, is geared to the folks who find slogging through online information either too tedious, too time consuming, or just plain hard on the eyes.

"It’s a great time for resourceful people," claims Jen McGahan, the other partner of Charting Dreams, who predicts Groundwork will appeal to baby boomers in particular. "There are hotshots who are doing amazing things with the Internet these days, starting sites and going ‘viral’ in the first year, and making it look effortless. You see a lot of hype about that online."

But there are many people who want to start more traditional ventures, realizing dreams that may have been pushed aside for years in favor of secure employment. The recession has changed the outlook for millions who are asking themselves, "if not now, then when (if ever) will I take the leap into my own business?"

In addition to the requisite subjects relating to new media (that’s week 2, October 19th, by the way), Groundwork will focus each week on a different topic all small business owners face.

For example, the first week’s topic, which "airs" Monday, October 12th (if you can assert that of a medium without airwaves), is stated on Charting Dreams’ website: "The Ground Floor: An overall discussion on business: WHY start, when you should NOT start, what you must do to get ready; preparing your mental game; understanding your business personality, learning to be both humble and driven; understanding your work day; relationships with family/spouse/kids and the roles they will play; and calling yourself a business owner."

For week 3, look for the lowdown on the corporate side of business, the legal and accounting issues new business owners face; a discussion of corporate structures, initial requirements, paperwork, and finding professional services. The seven remaining weekly topics can also be found at These hour-long podcasts are going to be jam packed with ideas people need to start thinking about as they transition their "good idea" into a living business.

Between Maropis and McGahan, they have personally encountered many of the issues they will discuss in these podcasts (or they’ve known someone who has). "We’re planning on some entertaining guests to give a new perspective to some of these things," states McGahan, for whom this will be her first foray into radio/podcasts. Maropis, however, is an old hand, having been the host of an investor’s talk radio show during the real estate boom of the 2005/2006.

They both agree that there’s nothing more fun to chat about than small business. "Starting businesses is like an addiction for some people," Maropis laughs, "present company included. We’re just going to talk about some common themes online and see if we can help some people out." The pair hopes to motivate, entertain, and provide solutions to like-minded folks on some start-up basics.

Are the Charting Dreams team ( concerned that 10:00 pm central time might not be the most popular listening time for their audience? "Not at all," they say; "It doesn’t matter… entrepreneurs work all the time."

And besides, previously-aired podcasts will be available on the website. serves new entrepreneurs who seek information, inspiration and practical tips on starting a small business. In addition to relevant blog content, which mirrors current events and small biz news, readers will find resources, products, and links to other media outlets with the common goal of championing small business.

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