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Teach First Chooses VC-NET Videoconferencing Solution for e-Learning

LONDON February 10, 2011

– Technology Helping to Address Educational Disadvantage

Matthew Horine

Chris Wade

The technology has progressed significantly and now offers a real, viable and affordable alternative to face to face meetings. HD video conferencing is at the heart of this, dispelling many of the old myths of poor quality."

One of the most exciting trends is towards a managed video conferencing solution. Businesses are realising that video conferencing is an essential business service that is easily outsourced in the same way that you outsource your payroll services. For example, VC-NET can take an existing, or newly purchased video system and register it to their Booked or Reservationless bridging service. This gives the customer self service or assisted bridged calls, to an unlimited number of endpoints.

Video conferencing is now suitable for board meetings, C level meetings, global recruitment, education and collaboration across all industries – removing travel down time and travel costs. Furthermore, because VC-NET is accredited with all market leading video equipment manufacturers, it can create the best possible video conference solution for customers.

At the core of its network VC-NET has implemented a number of infrastructure products to offer clients the ability to roll out management, reporting and gateway and bridging services without the need for expensive on-site hardware or having to worry about scaling issues.

Video conferencing makes it easy to connect with people anywhere in the world, making for example a CEO interview or company-wide announcement feel more personal. Staff can put a face to a name and a voice, and convey their message in the way they intend to.

Jimmy Choo

Notes to Editors

Teach First is an independent charity which works to improve the life chances of children from the most deprived backgrounds. In the short term it does this by recruiting high calibre, motivated graduates and working to place them in challenging schools while supporting them to become effective, inspirational teachers. In the long term Teach First is creating a movement of leaders who are committed to influencing change in education, from both inside and outside the classroom. Teach First has developed a powerful community of ambassadors which will grow to more than 1,500 this year, working to improve educational, and life, outcomes for hundreds of thousands of children.

June 2010

Teach First is raising the quality and profile of the teaching profession and has made teaching in a challenging school one of the most prestigious options for top graduates. In 2010, Teach First was ranked 7th in the coveted league of Times Top 100 Graduate Employers. Interest in the programme continues to grow amongst top graduates, with the number of applicants rising from 3,000 in 2009 to around 5,000 in 2010.

In order to become a partner of Teach First and employ a Teach First teacher, each school must meet certain criteria. Teach First schools must have one of the following:

     - A first criterion based on the IDACI* - Teach First works in schools       that have more than 50% of their pupils living in the lowest 30% of the       IDACI, prioritizing those schools with higher levels of deprivation;      - A second criterion based on attainment - Teach First prioritises       schools with low attainment in regards to the 5+ A*-C (English & maths)       GCSE measure. Teach First works in schools whose results fall below the       lowest 30% of the national distribution;      - Teach First also works in schools that have a Challenge status: either       National Challenge or City Challenge.      *Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index.  

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