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AUSTIN, Texas, May 31, 2011 –Organizers of the upcoming Health Privacy Summit, “Getting IT Right: Protecting Patient Privacy in a Wired World” scheduled for June 13th in Washington D.C., today announced seven leading technology industry sponsors of the day-long conference: Microsoft; Jericho Systems; Oracle; Dell; ID Experts; Vir-Sec, and e-MDs, Inc.

These lead sponsors join other companies in the healthcare industry, patient and privacy advocacy organizations, law firms, and individual donors that support the Summit, co-hosted by The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin and the Patient Privacy Rights Foundation. The event is the first in a planned series of forums and coincides with ongoing efforts to expand health information technology infrastructure, including the building of a national infrastructure to enable the electronic exchange of patient data, which will have important privacy and security implications. For agenda and registration information, visit:

“We, as organizers of this conference, along with Patient Privacy Rights, are pleased that so many leading technology companies have taken the step to support this Summit and the fostering of an open and public dialogue on health privacy,” said Robert Hutchings, LBJ School dean.

Lead sponsors of the inaugural Health Privacy Summit offered the following comments.

 <> Microsoft:
“Privacy is an important element to the success of health IT adoption,” said Michael Stokes, Microsoft Health Solutions Group. “Continued dialogue among all stakeholders about how to advance the nation’s healthcare with technology while protecting privacy advances that goal. Microsoft is pleased to participate in this inaugural Health Privacy Summit.”

 <> Jericho Systems:
“It is an exciting time for healthcare. Electronic health records and the exchange of electronic information offers benefits to every American,” said Brynn Mow, Jericho Systems Chief Executive Officer “As we realize the promises of these new technologies, we cannot forfeit fundamental individual rights. The Summit on Health Privacy reminds us what we must not lose in the process of improvement—the right of each individual to control and protect their identity. Patient privacy is not a secondary issue and we must recognize it as a priority as we design the health systems of tomorrow. Jericho Systems will continue to provide the technology that captures and enforces patient privacy and consent—making patient privacy a reality.”

 <> Oracle:
“Oracle works to enable the sharing of healthcare information that contributes to a patient’s care while minimizing the likelihood for data exposure,” said Kris Joshi, vice president, Healthcare Product Strategy, Oracle. “We are proud to be a sponsor of the International Summit on Health Privacy to further this initiative.”

 <> Dell:
"Dell is pleased to support the Health Privacy Summit," said David Zirl, Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions Strategist. "Dell believes information technology holds tremendous promise to improve efficiency and quality of patient care, through improved treatment and better care coordination, and those goals can be achieved while patient data remains protected and secure. Though advances in technology give rise to new challenges to data security, new information technology tools available to entities that hold patient data also have potential to provide an even higher level of data security than was afforded in the world of paper records. We expect the Summit will contribute new ideas to enabling transformative improvements to health care while ensuring that information technology is also used to protect patient privacy. "

 <> ID Experts:
“Being the leader in complete data breach care specializing on healthcare, we see the painful realities of patient’s very private, personal, sensitive health information being compromised for who knows who to see,” said Bob Gregg, CEO, ID Experts Corp. “Compromised financial information can be fixed, but once you expose personal health information it is out there for all time. We strongly support this effort to bring the critical healthcare privacy issues to the table.”

 <> Vir-Sec:
“As the nation moves forward with ways to improve access to health data, it is vital that we not overlook the importance of privacy protections,” said Vir-Sec President and CEO Christopher Murphy. “The capability exists today to make available key and select components of a patient’s billing history to licensed healthcare providers without compromising patient privacy. It will be important for the federal government to ensure that data is made available to providers, but that the providers are only able to gain access with the permission of the patient. The Summit on Health Privacy will be a vital opportunity for key stakeholders to weigh in and make certain that personal health privacy is not a casualty in the (necessary) push for more comprehensive electronic medical record systems. We at Vir-Sec look forward to what is sure to be a productive discussion in this regard.”

 <> e-MDs, Inc:
“With the increasingly greater use of health information technology a dynamic has emerged between patient safety and patient privacy,” said Michael Stearns, MD, president and CEO of e-MDs, Inc. “Patients have a fundamental right to privacy but treating healthcare providers, in the majority of cases, need access to the complete medical record in order to provide effective care. In order for the benefits of health information technology to be realized, we need to ensure that patients trust that their information will be protected, and that providers trust the information they are receiving. We are very supportive of this summit as it will explore some of the more challenging issues related to privacy protection from the vantage point of patients and providers, but also explore how privacy protection may impact public health, payers, industry, research, and other stakeholders.”

The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs <>  is a graduate component of The University of Texas at Austin. The School's mission is to develop leaders and innovative ideas that will help our state, the nation and the international community address critical public policy challenges in an ever increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

Patient Privacy Rights is the nation’s leading health privacy watchdog and leading consumer voice for building ethical, trustworthy HIT systems. For more information, visit:

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