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TechAmerica Foundation Unveils U.S. Cloud Computing Roadmap

The path to moving the U.S. government to the Cloud and keeping America at the forefront of Cloud Innovation

WASHINGTON July 26, 2011 Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud (CLOUD2)

Marc Benioff Michael D. Capellas Cloud First Buyer’s Guide for Government Washington, D.C. San Jose, CA Dallas, TX

Michael Capellas the United States

Marc Benioff

Cloud First Buyers Guide for Government

The 14 recommendations focus on four vitally important areas to cloud computing:

  • Trust – individuals and organizations must be confident that the cloud can meet their needs including security, privacy and availability.
  • the United States
  • Transparency- cloud providers will earn confidence from corporate America and government agencies by providing users meaningful ways to evaluate cloud implementations and for vendors to share relevant and reliable information about their capabilities to build trust in the system.
  • Transformation – for full adoption of the cloud, there must be a change in how the federal government acquires technology; an investment in improving technology infrastructure including expediting broadband deployment and the move to IPv6; a commitment to ensuring that education and training priorities align with the needs of a cloud workforce; and creating incentives to encourage the global development and adoption of cloud technologies.

Phil Bond

The Commission was composed of 71 of the country’s top experts from industry and academia who dedicated over 2000 hours of work both in person and in the cloud.

CLOUD2 Resources

Quotes from the Commission Leadership

Dan Reed

"I believe the recommendations outlined in this report will assist U.S. companies in enhancing their global competitiveness and advance the digital economy through the use of cloud computing. Cloud services can allow companies of all sizes, in all sectors, to be more nimble and responsive to customer needs by allowing them to focus on their core competencies." 

James W. Sheaffer

"In cloud computing, the U.S. can achieve global leadership if we act boldly and create an environment of cooperation among government, academia, and the private sector.  By embracing the cloud, government can demonstrate, through example, the unprecedented opportunity this transformational technology offers to improve government performance and reduce IT costs."

Michael Nelson Georgetown University

"The Cloud is already helping companies and individuals cut the cost of computing.  But, more importantly, it is accelerating the pace of innovation, providing powerful new tools, and enabling entirely new business models–in all sectors of the economy. Smart U.S. policy decisions helped foster the growth of the World Wide Web, e-commerce, and smartphones; this report can help policy makers ensure that government policies and regulations help (and not hinder) growth of Cloud computing."

John Mallery Research Scientist, MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and the Commission’s Academic Co-Chair.

"The cloud commission report represents a milestone in public-private partnership to address today’s cyber threat environment. It represents an industry consensus around trustworthy cloud computing that will drive adoption as customers perceive providers assuming responsibility and offering transparency. To promote continuing U.S. leadership in cloud security, the report makes a number of strategic recommendations involving risk management, defensive coordination, standards development, continuous monitoring, educational initiatives and advanced R&D to maintain leadership."

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