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Technology of the Gods – Intelligence Automated – “Genius Switch” For Super Intelligence Invented

"3 and 4 D imensional Automated-Intelligence for instant human and mechanical computer thinking, learning, understanding and using knowledge."


August 30 th David Letterman

During Beta testing of the "Key to Knowledge", which started yesterday, the inventors confirmed that humans could use it to become "Super Intelligent", simply by understanding and using the "Human Genius Switch". As a result the Company, Vez Inc., successfully demonstrated the ability to perfect the way humans and machines can interact, contextually, using an infinitely simple common sense interface. A Patent has been filed.

The Inventors expect many others to immediately start using their technology in other applications. User licence agreements will be available on the company website soon.

" Visualize Everything and Zoom In, 3D and/or 4D "

Technology of the Gods, The Incredible Sciences of The Ancients David Hatcher Childress " Now that technology has again reached a point of no return, perhaps we are ready to jump into the next level. A level beyond the technology of today. The technology of the Gods tomorrow. A technology that allows man to finally learn to live in harmony with nature and his fellow man. "

"Tomorrow arrived today and History is now ready for the Future"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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