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Tees For Your Head Shares Unusual Geeky T-Shirt Gift Guide

Santa Cruz, California (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

Tees For Your Head shares ways to make gifts memorable by offering special combinations of funny or geeky t-shirts. To start with, there's a gift that can cover both child and parent.

How many kids go through a dinosaur phase, and what is cuter than a small child who can identify a brontosaurus, triceratops, or a tyrannosaurus rex, even if the pronunciation might be a bit creative? Tees For Your Head says Don't Mess with T Rex, who is cranky because her (his?) shirt tag is mercilessly scratchy. The tee is funny for kids who may feel the same way about pesky shirt tags, and the child feels special because mom or dad can wear the same design, but sized for adults.

The design can be printed on matching or different shirt colors. Tees For Your Head uses non-toxic ink and prints to order.

Another gift that is a child-pleaser is the praying mantis. The big bug eyes are only one oddly-formed feature of the insect featured on Got Frontal Lobes. Kids like the playful drawing, while parents appreciate the subtle question about frontal lobes. Insects lack them, and some humans seem to override the frontal lobes' role in the brain to consider consequences, make plans, and behave in a socially acceptable way. Who doesn't want to occasionally ask the question?

A gift for couples is a funny tee that can be interpreted in two ways. Tee designer Karin Carter says she started using the phrase "the ways of your people are strange" when she was adjusting to her now-husband's habits. The Ways of Your People Are Strange tee is printed in a strange way, too: it runs vertically on the wearer's far left.

"Saying that 'the ways of your people are strange' can be a light way to broach the topic of differences," Carter says. The funny t-shirt is perfect for an engagement party, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or for newly engaged or newly married people.

People in relationships are not the tee's only audience. Geeks who grok the vastness of the universe and what that implies statistically also enjoy interpreting the shirt to mean alien peoples coming together…just like a newly engaged pair?

Calling all managers at tech companies: let employees choose their own rewards for a special team perk. Yes, t-shirts are a classic way for techies to remember version 1.7.1 of their product, but now the geek squad can be given a choice in what they receive, which piques their interest.

The possibilities of using geeky t-shirts for a work team are many. Team managers can choose different designs, all on the same color of tee. A team can choose, for example, all space-related designs (astronomers' names, any of the South Pole Telescope team tees) or all mathrelated designs or all science-related designs on a black t-shirt. Or give team members free rein to choose the tee design, and then let them choose the tee style they prefer (crew neck, v-neck, etc.) on the color they want.

Tee styles include a classic (looser fit), soft crew neck, a more fitted soft organic crew neck, and a women's v-neck with 3/4 sleeves, as well as classic tees in youth and toddler sizes. The organic crew comes in both a men's and a ladies' fit, which has shorter sleeves and a curvy body.

About Tees For Your Head

The online home of geeky t-shirts for lovers of the arts and sciences was launched in 2012. Husband and wife team Tom Bates and Karin Carter have an arts and science background and create their own designs to appeal to the geeks of the world. Santa Cruz tee shirt designs are in the works for this Santa Cruz based business.

By the way, Tees For Your Head shirts are worn on the body, not really on the head. Just a helpful hint.

Their unique and nutty tees are found at online, and can be put together to create a gift combination that will make the recipients smile.

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