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Tektronix Communications Leads Mobile Broadband Service Assurance Paradigm Shift with ‘Packets to People’ Based Solutions

BARCELONA, Spain Feb. 14, 2011

Mobile data consumption across the globe is exploding as a result of the proliferation of new smartphones, but the real paradigm shift is actually linked to the abundance of new devices such as tablet personal computers and mobile USB dongle connected laptops. The mobile broadband landscape is changing and, with it, the usage patterns and expectations of millions of mobile users. As bandwidth availability increases, the number and variety of devices accessing mobile networks is growing and the plethora of services using this bandwidth is rising exponentially. In order to ensure continued profitability while managing subscriber quality of experience (QoE), mobile service providers must balance the cost of capacity expanding network investment with meeting the increased user demands for quality of service (QoS).

Mark Driedger

A recent Analysys Mason report on fixed mobile broadband cited that inferior QoS is the primary driver of poor customer satisfaction and churn in fixed broadband networks. Mobile broadband is no different. Users no longer only demand to be always on and always connected, but now have devices that are infinitely more suitable to enjoying real-time sensitive, high bandwidth services such as video and gaming. And, as the uptake of these bandwidth-heavy services increases, so too do the expectations of their users.

This change in landscape and mobile subscriber expectations directly challenges the traditional monitoring methodology used by the service provider operations group. Network performance was previously monitored using key performance indicators on aspects such as accessibility, retainability and retransmission rates; while these still remain critical parameters to monitor, they cannot answer the now basic question of how the service was experienced by a user.

About Tektronix Communications’ Mobile Broadband Solutions

The Iris suite of products provides multiple organizations within service provider real-time and historical information for all service troubleshooting and performance monitoring needs. The Iris family of products includes:

About Tektronix Communications

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Arantech has 33 customers including mobile operators from four out of the six largest mobile operator groups in the world, serving in excess of 300 million mobile subscribers.

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