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Telecommunications Companies in the U.S. Condemn the Lack of Action of the Mexican Government Against the Telmex Monopoly in Mexico

NEW YORK Feb. 3, 2011 Germany Mexico

These countries are known to offer the most active markets for telecom operators and consumers in the U.S.; however, according to COMPTEL, they are also plagued by setbacks and barriers.

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  1. Mexico
  2. Mexico
  3. Refusing to allow competitors to install local or long haul facilities that would provide competitive termination for U.S. carriers.
  4. Maintaining differential and discriminatory pricing structures for interconnection and termination services.
  5. Refusing to provide carriers with interconnection in Non-Equal Access (NEA) calling areas that would represent more competition and better rates for the public.
  6. Providing interconnection at a degraded quality level.
  7. Failing to consolidate local area codes as ordered by COFETEL so that the calls between two areas would be considered as a local call and not a long distance call, which would result in huge savings for the public and the carriers.

These practices and abuses are already well known by competitors and users, but continue to go unpunished for lack of authority and real regulation by the Mexican government.

November 2008

May 2010 Mexico

Mexico Mexico

The analysis developed by COMPTEL was published as a direct appeal to the SCT, the authority responsible for not having resolved these conflicts, all of which, from experience in other countries, have been resolved in a timely manner, making the disposition of the authority prevail.

April 2010

COFETEL must be independent


the United States

In the perspective of Comtel, "it is highly unlikely that SCT will agree to revoke Telmex’s license." SCT’s track record has been "to ignore COFETEL’s recommendations," and considers as mistake its lack of action and independence from the COFETEL.


COMPTEL ends the analysis by urging the Office of the USTR to "work aggressively" and to "take appropriate actions to ensure fair and non-discriminatory market conditions in accordance with the respective trade commitments."

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