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Ten Free Mobile Apps For iPhone

What do you use your iPhone for? Your answer could be social networking, handling business reports and data, accessing information for stocks, bullion & forex, sharing files online and reading news and general updates. Most of you must be already aware of Facebook and Twitter apps for iPhone. Here are ten free apps from other domains that may suit your requirements well:

Business Use Applications 1) Dragon Dictation: An easy to use voice recognition application for iPhone, as also iPad and iPod, Dragon Dictation allows you to quickly speak and instantly see your email messages and other text messages. This is up to 5 times faster than typing on a keyboard or the touch screen of your device. So if you find it difficult to type quickly, here is an app to simply speak your mind and as you speak you do not even have to worry about getting the spellings right ? Dragon Dictation app takes care of all and amazingly accurate in all situations. With this innovative app you can also update your Facebook status, put up Tweets, send notes and reminders to yourself simply using your voice. A good application for busy business people!?

2) Roambi: This is an intelligent business tool available on your iPhone as also iPod Touch. The name 'Roambi' actually comes from 'roaming Business intelligence' and the idea behind the app is to allow you to make charts and graphs that make your data more presentable, compared to the traditional tables or spreadsheets. Roambi proves helpful for business people who may be on the go and need to go through some important information in an easy to comprehend and presentable manner. This application also allows you to publish reports on the web at a site where other individuals or employees from your team can access them. The reports are imported in four different templates ? pie chart, list, graph or card file. The beauty of Roambi is that it not just allows you to study reports in impressive visuals, but it also to dig into every component of the report, and edit them – you may customize the colors, hide unnecessary columns and rearrange them as per your preferences.

Productivity and Utility Applications
3) Evernote: The application that turns iPhone into an extension of your brain – Evernote helps you remember and note anything and everything that happens in your life. Notes, ideas, snapshots, recordings – put it all into your iPhone with the Evernote app and it can also instantly synchronize the same to your Mac or Windows desktop. In a nutshell, Evernote lets you create various electronic files including text files, images and photos, audio or voice memos, and videos?and gives you access to them through a variety of interfaces. The files are stored in a cloud-based system which implies that Evernote automatically manages version control. If you forget to sync your iPhone in advance, Evernote gives you the option to work on a copy of the most recent version it has stored locally, or work on a blank canvas and append the changes to the stored file later.

4) Dictionary and thesaurus stay on your iPhone once you download this application and once the application is set you do not even need an Internet connection to use it. The app delivers trusted reference content from its well known site and So you would have access to the meanings of 1000000+ words and definitions besides more than 90,000 synonyms and antonyms. The application also features audio pronunciations, similarly spelled words and the popular ‘Word of the Day’ that is checked by millions of people worldwide.

Financial Task Applications

5) PayPal: PayPal’s mobile money application is the smart way to send money through your iPhone to friends and family and make business related payments anytime, anywhere. It is much simpler than going to the ATM to withdraw cash, writing checks, and sending gifts the traditional way. You can manage your PayPal account completely from your mobile device. Needless to say – all of this does come with the security and protection that you get from PayPal. PayPal for iPhone is an app that all business and non business users would love to have.

Mobile and Remote File Access
6) Dropbox: When you use an iPhone, Dropbox is the most convenient way to sync and share your files online and across computers. The features of this useful application for iPhone include its ability to help you – access to your Dropbox on the go, view documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos and pictures; export files to download them for fast, offline viewing. You may use iPhone camera to click pictures and make videos and save them directly to the Dropbox, share and send files via email, text message or copy and paste links in another application.

7) Files Anywhere: This wonderfully designed application lets you view, share and manage your remote files directly from your iPhone. So you can now share files and folders with anyone without any download, upload photos and contacts, and manage your files, wherever you go!

News and Weather
8) The Weather Network: If you travel frequently and need to watch for national, regional, and international weather forecasts, you will get them all directly on your iPhone with this app. It not only offers information on current weather but also 14 day trends so that you are really prepared.

9) FOX News : Getting news from around the world ion your iPhone screen was never so easy – with the FOX News iPhone app you can receive FOX News Alerts, read fair and balanced headline news stories, stream live video, listen to FOX News Radio, browse through photo galleries, and watch the latest FNC clips on demand. All this is of course for free.

10) Pandora Radio: You can stream music on your iPhone for free once you have this application! Simply begin with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora creates a “station” that plays music from them and more music similar to the genre.
You may be using your iPhone for business or personal convenience, these apps make your device a true ‘smartphone’.

About the Author:Frank Johnson is a regular editorial contributor on digital technology products and services. To know more about free mobile applications for your iPhone and other Apple devices, you may interact with him here

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