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The Biggest Loser launches in Wichita Kansas – Symtrimics leads the pack

Wichita, KS – Symtrimics empowers you to take control of your health, which ultimately controls your life. Symtrimics has provided the Biggest Loser Wichita, KS, KSN the NBC affiliate with the nutrition, nutraceauticals, online portal for tracking progress, coaching, goal setting all for one goal – change the entire groups baseline health and move towards wellness for life. The competition kicked off on Monday March 1st, 2010 and can be tracked at

Three area Physicians are working with Symtrimics in Wichita are:

Sponsor of the Biggest Loser – Weight Solutions, Greg Lakin, DO (316) 425-SLIM (7546)
Mercy Medical Clinic, Susan Giovanni, DO (316) 722-8244
Haysville Family MedCenter, Craig Parman, MD (316) 264-5182

Symtrimics is all about transformation – the transformation to your perfect body.

This is not weight loss, weight loss comes and goes – wellness lasts a lifetime. This is not a diet, it is not a gimmick, it is not a fad. It is Symtrimics.

Symtrimics contains the mechanisms by which healthy people live their lives. Incorporating adult education and brain function techniques, we are able to shift the thought patterns to a healthy lifestyle. Symtrimics provides Professional One-On-One Coaching, Low Glycemic Nutrition (short term), Medical Grade Nutaceuticals, weducation and integration with the low glycemic style of eating (long-term), exercise, your symtrimics physician for blood panels, body baselines, clinic visits and support and our online portal which brings it all together.

Symtrimics focuses on four areas:

1. Stabilization of blood sugar: Low glycemic eating has been found in studies to improve weight loss efforts, improve weight loss maintenance, lower oxidation through improved food choices, improve nutrient intake and elevate fiber intake.

2. Reduce oxidation and inflammation: Oxidation and inflammation are base causes of most degenerative diseases. By improving these parameters through diet, exercise and supplementation, studies show a reduction the risk factors for chronic disease.

3. Increased movement: Our program increases movement through 3 mechanisms -“spare change” (inserting small periods of increased activity during the day), “Natural Movement” (encouraging fun and interesting activities) and “Interval Training” (short spurts of maximal effort which has been found to dramatically increase wellness parameters).

4. Social, emotional and cultural support: Through a coaching and support program which involves over 60 convenient contact points the first year, we move the belief system of patients from “Not sure” to confident and secure in their health program. In addition, we implement structures which assist with family and friend involvement in the wellness process, creating a matrix of support to take the patient to LIFELONG health habits.

The Symtrimics programs focus on the lifelong adoption of habits, which help to improve health, lengthen life, establish healthy weight, slow aging and assist with disease prevention.

About Symtrimics:
The Symtrimics programs produce better procedural results and happier patients than other clinics without Symtrimics. The good news is, if you are committed to making positive changes in your lifestyle, Symtrimics and your physician will give you the tools and teach you how to reclaim your health and vitality.

Symtrimics™ provides an integrated wellness and clinic-marketing platform, which consists of five Symtrimic programs. These include an integrated web based service, pharmaceutical grade nutrition, exercise, social, coaching program focused on the life-long adoption of habits that have been proven to: improve health, lengthen life, secure weight loss, slow aging and prevent disease.

Contact :
Public Relations
Symtrimics, LLC
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
pr ( @ ) symtrimics dot com


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