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The Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act, Signed into Law on 2/28/2008, has Not Yet Been Implemented, States in a Memo Dated 2/12/2013

Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

"Scary but true, 50 times every week a parent or relative 'Backs Over' a child in a driveway or a parking lot, often fatally," states, a respected organization and advocate of child vehicle safety. And that's just a fraction of the number of back over cases are actually occurring based on Dept. of Transportation figures.

In 2010, there were 221 fatalities from back over accidents. Many of these could have been avoided if the vehicles involved had some type of rearward vision aid. Since this law was passed in 2008, more than 1,000 young children have been killed in back over accidents documented by the Dept. of Transportation. Many of these could have been avoided if the Safety Act had been implemented. Back Up Better, llc fully endorses this Safety Act and urge The Office of Budget and Management to act as soon as possible, and move this Act through the Department of Transportation as required by law. The Safety Act could be easily implemented by automakers — and should be now.

Back Up Better, llc believes that the best option for maximizing rearward vision is a backup camera. Backup cameras have been proven effective. In fact, Kids and do not know of a single fatality caused by a vehicle equipped with a backup camera.

Many new cars now come from the manufacturer with backup cameras as standard or optional equipment. Going forward, Back Up Better, llc believes that backup cameras in new vehicles will dramatically reduce back over accidents and save lives.

However, the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act proposes standards that apply to new vehicles now being manufactured and going forward. What about the millions of vehicles already on the road without them?

For the 80-90 million SUV's, station wagons, and minivans on the road, driving around with no backup camera and limited rearward vision, Back Up Better suggests using it's Blind Zone Lenses, a clear optical grade PVC Fresnel lens that mounts on the inside of the vertical rear windows of these types of vehicles. These lenses act like a magnifying glass and increase rearward vision dramatically. At about $15, these are much less expensive and more realistic for the masses than retrofitting a backup camera costing $300 to $500 in parts and installation.

The Back Up Better Rear View Lenses is very effective and can help save lives. It's almost as good as a camera. Everyone who does not have a backup camera is urged to purchase a Back Up Better Blind Zone Lens as soon as possible. You will be able to see much more of what is right behind your vehicle- in your blind zone. Add-On Blind Spot Mirrors, easily attached to your outside left and right rear view mirrors, also reduce your rearward blind spots, both alongside and behind your vehicle.

The combination of these two inexpensive aids almost double your rearward vision much the same as a backup camera. It's clear that either a camera or a Back Up Better Blind Zone Lens are far better than driving blind. Help save lives and avoid back over accidents, get a rear vision aid for your SUV, minivan, or station wagon as soon as possible!

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