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The ‘Delete-Links’ Model that Leads to Business Innovation — Incorporation of Health Promotion Culture, E-commerce, Media Platform and Financial Innovation Concept

BEIJING Jan. 19, 2011 Xingwu Sun January 17

Redefining the traditional marketing model

Delete-Links is an e-commerce platform that enables manufactured products to directly reach consumers and consumers to comprehensively learn about the product manufacture and sale process for the purpose of safe and reliable consumption. Electronic screens are installed in brick-and-mortar stores (direct retailers, chain stores, or franchise stores) as the e-commerce medium. This model increases the varieties of services such as sale of products with a "green" origin while not changing the traditional way of product sales, thus building an interactive platform where consumers, operators and investors can share the results of operation.

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Delete-Links is divided into five parts: (1) green e-commerce franchise, enabling products from their green origin to directly reach the sales outlets; (2) ground franchise, increasing brick-and-mortar stores rapidly in the way of e-commerce franchise; (3) a prepaid card based membership system, for the timely understanding of the health promotion habits of consumers as well as their diverse health promotion requirements, and improving the yield rate of their money and making it more convenient for them; (4) truthfully recording a product’s lifecycle, including the entire process from its production in place of origin to its storage and sales, to win consumers’ trust; and (5), a direct marketing (DM) price system, to dramatically reduce the mark-ups of the middleman, so that consumers can get real benefits by getting great products at low prices while having the peace of mind.

Delete-Links enables products to directly reach consumers

Xingwu Sun

Xingwu Sun Zhiming Li

Xingwu Sun

Delete-Links aims to reduce the intermediate processes involved in R&D, production, and consumption, thus reducing carbon emissions. These processes include the information flow, the material flow (logistics operation), and the cash flow. The platform itself can provide all-round product information and enable manufacturers to do e-business directly with consumers. It can also be used as the most direct and efficient advertising platform for brands in various industries. The prepaid card based membership system of Delete-Links enables manufacturers to fully understand the consumption needs and consumption habits and enhance the fund efficiency of and benefits to consumers.

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Ready for quick adoption in a large scale

At the press conference, Shanghai Delete-Links e-Commerce Limited also signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Shandong Dong-e E-jiao Group, under which the two companies will work together to apply Delete-Links in the health promotion sector. "Delete-Links not only can help us dramatically to increase the rate of our products arriving at the sales outlets as well as lower our cost of channel management, but also to reduce our marketing cost and product delivery cost," said a spokesperson for Shandong Dong-e E-jiao Group.

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