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The Enterprise Virtualization and Cloud Security Journey Begins with Trend Micro

CUPERTINO, Calif. Feb. 15, 2011

Trend Micro™ SecureCloud 1.1 provides enterprise-class data protection through encryption in the cloud, while Trend Micro™ Deep Security 7.5 Update 1 offers performance improvements that will enable the Deep Security virtual appliance to provide agentless intrusion detection and prevention using VMware vShield™ Endpoint for higher virtual machine density levels.

These products have achieved both market and industry recognition:

  • IDC reported that Trend Micro ranks #1 in worldwide server security market share.
  • The Tolly Group’s performance report found that Trend Micro Deep Security outperforms traditional AV solutions from Symantec and McAfee in the use of key system resources, enabling organizations to achieve over three times the virtual machine density than with these other AV solutions. This density improvement yields capital and operational expenditure savings from reduced hardware and an increase in ROI of the virtualization investment.
  • Trend Micro Deep Security agentless anti-malware has seen a groundswell of interest in the market with approximately 200 new customers acquired in the 3 months that the solution has been in the market.  Roughly half of these customers are new to Trend Micro, clear evidence that typical anti-malware solutions in the market are not meeting customers needs in virtualized environments.
  • Trend Micro SecureCloud currently boasts active users of Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus or VMware vCloud®  cloud infrastructures with other cloud-computing variants to be added in the future.

Trend Micro: Securing the Journey to Virtualization and Cloud

Trend Micro maps enterprise security needs across three stages of evolution: The virtualization security journey starts with server consolidation, moves into expanded server and desktop virtualization, and opens a path to public clouds. The enterprise cloud security journey starts with private clouds, adds hybrid clouds, and evolves to public clouds.

John Maddison

"In 2011 customers will look to optimize virtual security performance as they virtualize more traffic-heavy applications. This includes security technologies that integrate with the virtualization platform. As companies take their first steps into hybrid clouds, data protection will be critical. And as sensitive data moves beyond corporate firewalls, companies must maintain control of information," said Maddison.

Virtualization has become a catalyst for cloud computing by accelerating the transformation of data centers into private clouds. As organizations adopt private cloud technologies, it becomes easier to move applications from corporate servers to public clouds. Trend Micro predicts that enterprises will move many of their applications completely to public clouds once public cloud providers address major enterprise concerns that hold back cloud adoption, namely availability and visibility. Larger enterprises though will maintain private cloud environments for some of their applications over longer time periods.

Trend Micro: Multi-layered protection for virtualized and cloud environments

Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™

Trend Micro SecureCloud™ enhances and extends the customer’s security and data protection as it evolves from virtualization to private and public clouds.  Through the use of encryption and policy-based key management, SecureCloud protects data in the cloud and allows the flexibility to move between cloud vendors without being tied to any one provider’s encryption system.  

SecureCloud gives control over how and where data is accessed by authenticating the identity and integrity of servers requesting access to secure storage volumes.  It defends information against unauthorized disclosure or theft, helps ensure compliance with encryption requirements and automatically facilitates the release of encryption keys.  

Advances delivered in this latest SecureCloud release give enterprises additional control over their cloud data.   Now customers can manage their encryption keys for Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus and VMware vCloud environments from Trend Micro’s hosted SecureCloud service or from a SecureCloud key server running in their own physical data centers.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security provides advanced protection for virtualized systems. The current version of Deep Security announced in August 2010 (please see press release here ) added agentless anti-malware to an array of other specialized security technologies comprising IDS/IPS, web application protection, firewall, integrity monitoring and log inspection modules. Deep Security is tightly integrated with VMware vShield Endpoint, thereby allowing Trend Micro to provide anti-malware and intrusion prevention for VMs in an agentless manner without requiring a third-party agent to be installed on each VM, thereby consuming fewer VMware vSphere®  system resources and enabling higher VM densities.  

At this time, Trend Micro continues to be the first and only security solution in the market to offer this agentless anti-virus capability designed for the VMware platform.  

Supporting quotes

"The major challenge for enterprises will be how to proceed from where they are today, through a transitional or hybrid period, to where they will be in the future. Cloud security solutions, such as what Trend Micro offers, are sufficiently flexible to accommodate this diversity. As organizations move toward cloud computing, they can rely on Trend Micro to secure their data, no matter where it resides."

Bill Gillis

"The vision for cloud computing security is clear: appropriate security at every computing endpoint and data security through encryption techniques that ensure that the encryption keys which govern access to the data are held securely as well. Trend Micro’s new products address both of those requirements and enable enterprises to address the primary concern most CIOs voice about cloud computing: security."

Bernard Golden , CEO, HyperStratus 

"We are excited about the new version of Trend Micro Deep Security and the opportunity it provides our customers in being able to achieve the economic benefits of virtualization and cloud computing without compromising security. The capabilities of Deep Security in terms of advanced technologies such as anti-malware, intrusion prevention, web application protection and integrity monitoring delivered across physical, virtual and cloud servers in both agent-based and virtual appliance form factors is truly unparalleled."

Chris Reed

"VMware works closely with Trend Micro to help ensure the compatibility of Trend Micro Deep Security within VMware environments. Deep Security, which leverages VMware vShield™, offers security, manageability and performance for dynamic datacenters and is a crucial component for securing customers’ virtualization journey."

Parag Patel

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