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The Fidj: Making Fidgeting Discrete, Beneficial and Fun

Milford, OH, July 10, 2018 –(– Josh Sears, founder and owner of the Cincinnati-based design studio PaperTelevision LLC., is launching the Fidj, an engaging gadget that transforms any phone into the ultimate app-enabled spinning machine. Simply stick the Fidj – a highly-refined plastic disk with restickable adhesive – to the back of any smartphone, and let the fun begin! And hey, this is not just another riff on fidget spinners of yore. The Fidj is a serious game changer, blurring the real world with the virtual. It’s a dance party in your pocket, an art creation tool, a hypnotic conversation starter, and it’s even proven to ease anxiety. In short, it’s much more than one might expect.

“The big moment came after having a Fidj on my phone for a week. I removed it for whatever reason and couldn’t believe how much I missed spinning my phone. It’s ridiculously calming and addictive. The app is just icing on the cake – It really opens up the fun, and my kids are just as obsessed as I am!”
– Jeremy Breitenstein, Fidj test group member

While spinning a phone can indeed be surprisingly addictive, things really heat up when combined with the Fidj app, which augments the experience with audio/visual effects, games and more. A favorite is The Fidget Widget, featuring ratchet-like vibration and sounds that change based on the speed of the spin.

Other features releasing at launch will include:

Dance Party: Sync music and watch the phone transform into a brilliant light show. Lights flash and colors swirl, all in sync to the beat of favorite songs.

Spin Art: A fingertip becomes the paintbrush as colors swirl to create spinning artwork. Bring in some friends and take turns adding strokes to the canvas, which happens to be your phone’s spinning screen.

Hypnotize: Mesmerize with psychedelic spiral artwork, bringing some legit oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Watch their eyes beam with excitement as they tap to cycle the designs.

This is just the start, with many more plans for the app to come. Advanced features will include:

Sync with smart devices like Philips Hue lights: spin, and room colors will swirl in time to the rotation of the phone.

Sync to bluetooth speakers to enable record scratches, bass beats, and other interactive sounds. This means realtime music creation, DJ spinning, and sound-based party games.

Engage in awesome party games with other Fidj owners and watch the room come to life. Play games, mix music as a group and pulse the room’s lighting based on user interactions.

While the Fidj is all about having fun, it also offers therapeutic benefits for relieving symptoms of anxiety and A.D.D. Studies show fidgeting can both ease stress and boost productivity and is, in fact, what prompted the inventor, a sufferer of social anxiety, to create the Fidj. Users can now find relief by discreetly fidgeting anywhere they go. Additional feedback from the Fidj test group confirms a reduction in nervous energy, increased clarity of thought, and found that spinning phones with the Fidj is habit forming in the best of ways, with or without with the additional fun of the app.

There may also be significant benefits for individuals with autism. Teachers, parents, and autism professionals agree that autistic children are drawn to spinning objects. The Fidj, paired with an app specifically designed for this audience, provides a robust reward system that can be easily integrated into their education and habits. “Stimming,” a common yet controversial behavior, can now combine the physical act of spinning with the engaging and beneficial activities presented by the Fidj app.

“The Fidj, though aimed for fun, shows true potential as a tool for parents and teachers of autistic children, adding an extra benefit to controlled, reward-based ‘stimming.’ As a parent to one of these special children myself, and having seen the Fidj in action, we definitely see the benefits, and love having such a tool right in my pocket!”
– Tamara Andersson, Founder & President of Got-Special KIDS

The Fidj team is seeking funding via their Kickstarter campaign, which kicks off in Summer, 2018. Each Fidj gadget and app combo will go for $9, though there will be an early bird pricing of $7. Funding will be used to fulfill orders through a vetted manufacturer, and the team is dedicated to delivering orders within just a few weeks.

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