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The First International Cross-border E-commerce Forum to Be Unveiled Soon, Seeking New Chances to Develop Cross-border E-commerce

Representatives from well-known E-commerce platforms, enterprises from the E-commerce industry chain, and E-commerce experts from over 30 countries and regions will be in attendance to talk about new chances to develop cross-border E-commerce.

WUHAN, CHINA, October 20, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — The 1st Cross-border E-commerce Forum (CBEC) is to be held on November 11 and 12 in Wuhan Optics Valley. Focussing on the theme of “Accelerating Cross-border E-commerce Development in the Era of Globalization”, the forum will be co-hosted by Wuhan Municipal Government and the Hubei Department of Commerce, and organized by Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone Administrative Committee and Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd. Representatives from well-known E-commerce platforms, enterprises from the cross-border E-commerce industry chain, and E-commerce experts from over 30 countries and regions will be in attendance to talk about new chances to develop cross-border E-commerce.

In this age of big data and mobile internet, the Chinese market is showing huge potential in the E-commerce sector. As of December 2013, China had 618 million internet users with an internet penetration rate of 45.8% (statistics from China Internet Network Information Center). The trading volume of China’s largest E-commerce platform, Taobao, on the November 11th “Double 11” sales day each year, rose from 8.17 million dollars in 2009, to 5.738 billion dollars in 2013 (statistics from China’s largest B2C company Alibaba). China’s E-commerce trading volume for the whole of 2013 broke 1.64 trillion dollars. In the last five years, China’s E-commerce trading volume has doubled twice, with an average growth rate of 80% annually for e-retail (statistics from Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s E-commerce Department).

As second largest economic entity, largest exporter, and second largest importer in the world, China has a huge consumer market for cross-border E-commerce. Located in the geographic center of China, Wuhan was one of the first riverside cities to open to the outside world and thus became a top choice for foreign investment and a key area for central China’s development. 60 Fortune 500 companies have already made investments in Wuhan, and over 300 transnational corporations have established offices here. In addition to this, Wuhan has the largest number of higher education institutes in the world, making it a cradle for talents.

On the eve of the 21st Century, Wuhan Optics Valley established a high and new technology industry development park. Over 20 years later, and the Optics Valley region is now a gathering place in central China for emerging industries and famous enterprises alike. The total industrial output value for the area in 2013 reached 83.378 billion dollars ranking first in central China, and third in the whole country. This figure is planned to reach 491.8 billion dollars by 2020 (Statistics from Wuhan Bureau of Statistics).

Part of this mass of high and new technology industries, Transn focuses on multilingual information processing. Developer of the “Internet of Languages” model, Transn has a global team of over 100,000 translators and 500 translation offices. With the ability to translate over 30 languages, Transn ranks 1st in China, 5th in Asia, and 27th globally for language services. The company has a rich experience in areas such as cross-border E-commerce, international engineering projects, equipment manufacturing, media, travel and tourism, and service outsourcing.

As a provider of cross-border multilingual marketing services, Transn unveiled a cross-border E-commerce marketing platform: the TRANSN WMT 365. Thanks to its resources integration, Transn has already used the platform to form strategic cooperation relationships with 200 global E-commerce platforms. The platform has already helped almost 1,000 enterprises from over 50 industry sectors to engage in foreign trade through E-commerce. Transn is currently creating a global cross-border E-commerce operating center in Wuhan Optics Valley. Centered on language services, the center will provide a site for the global operation of cross-border E-commerce platforms, as well as support for training, language services, resource integration, and trade information gathering, in order to assist E-commerce enterprises in developing their overseas markets.

Due to the rapid development of cross-border E-commerce and the favorable geographic position of Wuhan Optics Valley, the first CBEC will be held in Wuhan Optics Valley on November 11 and 12 with the theme of “Accelerating Cross-border E-commerce Development in the Era of Globalization”, with representatives from well-known E-commerce platforms, enterprises from the cross-border E-commerce industry chain, and E-commerce experts and scholars from over 30 countries and regions will be in attendance.
The forum has not only invited famous E-commerce platforms such as ebay and Amazon, but also other international E-commerce platforms from regions such as North and South America, Europe, India, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, such as Russia search engine Yandex and B2C platform Molotok, and Japanese manufacturing industry B2C platform Ipros. Representatives are all high level management that will share local market statistics and engage in discussions with Chinese enterprises.

The forum will focus on key cross-border E-commerce topics such as sharing operational experience, sharing thoughts with E-commerce elites and stimulating immediate action for E-commerce enterprises, exploring globalization trends, facing up to the development bottlenecks of E-commerce operators and discussing ways of development with prestigious experts and top management of companies, and promoting industry chain cooperation, integrating E-commerce platforms and upstream and downstream companies and guiding the trends of cross-border E-commerce.

In addition, the forum will be seen by governments from all 30 of China’s provinces, 2 million potential customers, 400 industry giants, and 1,000 attending Chinese enterprise representatives, providing attendees with a chance to widen their international horizons and share the achievements from the development of global E-commerce, as well as serve as a platform for discussions and cooperation on topics such as economic and collaboration development and boosting trade.

Transn is a new-type Internet & IT-based language service supplier as well as a language service provider ranking 5th in Asia and 27rd in the world. We are committed to becoming a virtual language department (VLD) and multilingual work platform for customers, enabling them to directly communicate with the world in their native languages, sharpening their international competitiveness, and boosting the globalization of Chinese enterprises.

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